The Life of the Actress Mathilde De Angelis

Matilda DeAngelis ThisItalian actress there is no rain here at the moment. Ironic, self-confident, talented, with unconventional beauty: she really lacks everything to become a big star! If we also interfere with an important film, along with Nicole Kidman AND Hugh grantThis Netflix series it went viral (doesn’t say anything) Lydia Poet?), game over.

Despite her young age, Mathilde found a way to break into the world of cinema and television, both Italian and international, also winning numerous awards for his masterful interpretations and transformation. But do we really know her? Let’s find out Who is Matilda De Angelis outside the profession of an actress.

Age and lineage of Matilda De Angelis

Matilda was born in 1995 in Bologna. So today it’s great 27 years with a fruitful career behind him and a great future ahead. He attended science high school and graduated in 2014. From childhood, she showed talent and interest in everything. Artincluding singing and acting. He studies music and also knows how to play guitar and violin.

What movie did the actress Mathilde de Angelis star in?

Actress Mathilde De Angelis begins her career in show business accidentally. Girlfriend invites her to audition for a movie with Stephen Accorsi; she agrees, and the rest is history. He wins the audition and gets the part. female main character to the cinema Fast as the windwhich stands first praise.

Shortly before that, he took part in the video clip This is where everything happens belonging Negramarowhere she plays along Alessandro Borgo. Then he gets the role of Amber in the television series. Anything could happen and later takes part in the film YouTubedirected by Berardo Carboni hero. Participate in a new video clip, this time the gods Journaliststhat is Happiness bitch. She is also in the film Familywhere does he read Michaela RamazzottiAND PrizeFrom Alessandro Gasmann.

We also see this in The Boys of the Zecchino d’Oro, a television movie where she plays a young musician and music teacher for children. All this leads to her getting her first foreign participation: Take part in a mini-series. Cancellation is the unspoken truthalong with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. Thanks to this film, he conquers American critics and viewers, shocking them with a scandalous scene from full nude.

Actress Mathilde De Angelis will then return to Italy for The Incredible History of Rose where he starred Elius Herman and it’s worth it David Donatello as Best Supporting Actress. Across the river and among the treesThe next project is an international production and adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s novel Beyond the River and Among the Trees. Let’s return to TV in 2021 hosts To Sanremo Festivalnear Amadeus. Lately she’s been busy with a few Series and films, including Lydia Poet.

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Matilda De Angelis, actress or musician?

Not everyone knows that the actress Matilda de Angelis she is also an excellent musician: she plays not only from a young age, but also from a young age. 13 years composes his first songs.

Instead, at the age of 16, he joined the Rumba de Bodas group as singer and later also publishes album with the same group (named after Fu Carnival) and leaves for tours in Italy and Europe.

I’ll write later too. Seventeen for the movie Fast as the windwhich is offered as best original song.

Matilda De Angelis, personal life

There private life actresses Matilda de Angelis it is at least as brilliant as it is professional. It is known that she has been associated with the actor and colleague for several years. Andrea Arcangelis, then surrender to the arms of a rapper Knight when previous relationships collapsed.

He then had an affair for several months with Peter Castellitto, with whom, among other things, he starred in the film We rob the leader. Recently seen with Alessandro De Santiswinner talent x factor.

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Actress Mathilde De Angelis on Instagram without filters

On his Instagram profile the girl likes to publish glossy pictures, as well as excerpts from real life. Here it is shown fragileman, sometimes even without makeup and often alsoacne: this lack of scaffolding and artificiality makes her extremely attractive, close to her fans around the world, who obviously often also appreciate thanking her for this testimony.

Actress Mathilde De Angelis is very sensitive to the dangers of social media and the image many stars create of themselves. She herself, at a young age, suffered from eating disorders, a topic about which she opened just recently. “I fought againstanorexia. A way to see yourself, to distort the horrifying image that you carry with you all your life. For many years I didn’t talk about it because it was it hurts too much and because I really only got out of it for a while… Today I accept myselfeven if you may never fully get out of it”: here is an important statement from the young actress, which helps to create a discussion on this very sensitive topic.

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