The Little Mermaid, even Dwayne Johnson saw the movie with Halle Bailey: What do you think

What does Dwayne Johnson think of The Little Mermaid? The actor recently rewatched the film on the big screen and commented on Halle Bailey’s performance.

What do you think Dwayne Johnson Day the little Mermaid, Actors who recently appeared in the movie black adamsreveals he’s watching Disney’s latest live-action film starring halle bailey and expressed his opinion on the matter. Plus, Dwayne Johnson is even closer to the Disney universe when considering his involvement in the animated classic. Oceania he is in it live action coming soon, The actor shared his opinion through a Twitter post surrounded by his little girls.

Dwayne Johnson reveals what he thinks about The Little Mermaid

As the live action remake of the 1989 animated classic, The Little Mermaid brings Ariel’s story back to the big screen. curious mermaid, daughter of king tritonhas always expressed an interest in the world on the surface, increased even more after rescuing the prince Eric from the fury of the sea. When her father later found out that his daughter had broken the rules, he punished her and Ursula He seized the opportunity to propose to the young mermaid. Ariel is not convinced, but her aunt betrays her and thus the pact of blood. She has only three days to make Eric fall in love with her, otherwise he will forever become Ursula’s property. The live-action remake expanded the narrative, but largely tried to be as faithful as possible to the original Disney story, naturally providing a happy ending for the young lovers. But what would Dwayne Johnson think of Halle Bailey’s performance considering she’ll soon have to star in a real-life remake? The actor shared a short video via Twitter and is apparently surrounded by a bunch of kids.

The queens have said it: We love The Little Mermaid. I am deeply moved by Halle’s performance on the big screen, what a presence and what charisma, but more importantly, I am impressed by Halle’s grace and intelligence as she steps into the global spotlight with maturity and passion. Halle, keep it up and remember there is no limit. I look forward to working with you one day.

Halle Bailey wasted no time and quickly reshared the sweet message rockHeartfelt thanks in return: “This is such a lovely message. I am a huge fan and love watching your career. Thank you for being so kind and true to me, it means a lot. I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie,

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