the look is close to 5000 euros

The camouflage print is the trendy detail of Elisabetta Gregoraci’s new designer look, which takes us straight back to the 2000s.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, as a fashion addict who is always in step with the trends, she knows very well which elements to focus on in her looks, to always be fashionable. All this, always respecting her style: she prefers sensual and feminine outfits especially on special occasions, but there are more casual and cheeky touches in everyday life. Maxi necklines, dizzying slits, visible abs, cut-out details and legs on display are a must for her looks. The showgirl did not miss an old trend that has come back into the limelight: the 2000s camouflage print.

Elisabetta Gregoraci as in the 2000s

Influencers and celebrities lately draw heavily on trends from the past. From Valentina Ferragni which relaunched maxi wedges a Elisabetta Canalis who made velvet-effect tracksuits trendy again up to Elodie who is a fan of the low waist, it’s all a return to the elements that characterized fashion 20 years ago now. Elisabetta Gregoraci also has a strong impression on her mind the 2000s aestheticwhich he made his own.

For a home outfit, the showgirl did not hesitate to wear jeans with a visible thong, just like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton used to do at the beginning of the millennium. But that is not all. The 43-year-old is also testimonial for Juicy Couture, a brand that made fashion history with its colorful tracksuits that became iconic at the time.

Elisabetta Gregoraci with a sporty look: the designer suit costs almost 1500 euros

And speaking of the 2000s: at the time, camouflage and military printing was very strong: the camouflage it was all the rage on bags and accessories, on micro tops and cargo pants with large pockets (recently worn by Chiara Ferragni). Elisabetta Gregoraci also let herself be conquered by the camouflage for his city look that drove fans and followers crazy.

When Elisabetta Gregoraci’s look is worth it

Camouflage is the highlight of Elisabetta Gregoraci’s new look. She showed the outfit of the day to her fans and followers, as she usually does on a daily basis. She chose a pair of leather shorts paired with a black blouse, with dark sheer tights. She added a multi-pocket jacket by Dolce & Gabbana, with a metallic logo applied on the front and leopard-print inner lining: it costs 1450 euros.

The same print and the same pockets also for the boots, these too by Dolce&Gabbana, a pointed model with a dizzying stiletto heel: they cost 1450 euros. The bag is also branded. The showgirl has chosen the iconic Cassette by Bottega Veneta: costa 2000 euros. In total, the trendy outfit by Elisabetta Gregoraci close to 5,000 euros.

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