The look of Kanye West’s wife left everyone speechless

bIanka Sensi surprises again: the look of Kanye West’s wife leaves us speechless

Willingness to surprise and originality: form of Kanye West’s wife does not go unnoticed and – once again – reveals the very special style of bianca sensor, The designer and the rapper have been a steady couple for quite some time now and their marriage is going well. Thanks also to the artistic and whimsical spirit that unites Kanye and Bianca.

This is reflected in the latest look sported by the couple during church visit, In fact, in the images immortalized by the paparazzi, Bianca wears a very special outfit. This is a strict black nylon fabric dress, with laser cutting, transparent sleeves, but a huge collar with a veil. A dress with the look of Kanye, who chose a black jersey for the occasion shoulder pads and sock boots,

This isn’t the first time that the couple has opted for an out-of-the-line outfit to impress. A while ago, for example, Bianca was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a turban T-shirt that had layers of fabric that hid her face, leaving only her eyes open. Bianca Sensi, 27, is obsessed with fashion yeezy designer, the rapper’s fashion brand. The two must have met right at work, united by a desire to create something new and original, ready to set a trend.

The wedding, celebrated in secret, will come after a few months of first meeting and love at first sight. If little or nothing is known about Bianca Sensi, Kanye West’s love life has often ended up at the center of gossip. After a stormy divorce from Kim Kardashian, the artist lived a love story with Julia Fox, later he was seen with his ex-wife’s impersonator Chanye Jones, whom he reportedly wore a luxurious Hermès, evoking Kim’s anger. The bag was given.

Gossip aside, Bianca Sensi’s exclusive look seems to confirm Kanye West’s tendency to impose his tastes on the women he’s frequently been with or linked to. In fact, over the years the rapper has shaped and changed the style of his peers, demonstrating a certain obsession in wanting to impose his fashion vision.

was first on the list Amber Rose, transformed into a preppy style, then it was the turn of Kim Kardashian, who became a style icon with very beautiful dresses and total black. The last person to be influenced by Kanye West as a stylist is Bianca Sensi, who has become the ideal model for experimenting with extreme and exclusive looks created by the rapper himself.

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