The looting in CDMX in full epidemic of coronavirus: why of the 83 detainees only 6 were processed


In less than a week 83 people have been arrested in Mexico city by attempts of looting of shops and commercial establishments, although only 33 were taken to the Public Ministry and 6 have received criminal sanctions.

The office of the prosecutor of the city (FGJCDMX) explained that between Monday 23 and Friday 27 march, made available to 83 people: 41 of them by stealing to business with violence; 19 for theft to business without violence; 12 by informal drug economy; 6 for property damage intentional to business; three for homicide by firearm; one for attempted robbery and another for burglary of a non-resident in business with violence.

The dependence is clarified that only 16 folders were in compliance with the characteristics for plunder which determines the law, so that only 33 people were referred for this offense: 2 women and 31 men.

The law considers robbery of business due to looting when “it is perpetrated by four or more people, who are storming and capture of objects of greater value (by force, taking advantage of the contingency or disturbance), regardless of the number of detainees.”

It also reported that five other detainees were sent to the Central public prosecutors Office of Research to the Attention of the Crime of Boys, Girls and Adolescents; one was already linked to process with precautionary measure of custody in the Community for Adolescents during 30 days in which concludes further research.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security explained that none of the criminals looking for drugs or food.

They are not looting because of hunger. Are break-ins to business of criminals who found a situation perfect to commit a crime” pointed out to Reform the Security secretary of Mexico City, Omar Garcia Harfuch, referring to the crisis by coronavirus.

You are stealing appliances, packs of cigarette, alcohol. You aren’t stealing beans, food, are stealing things that are not due to lack of food”, he added.

The public health emergency currently facing the country has been exploited by those who seek to spread fear and to steal from cigarettes to electronic.

The calls “sects” to rob stores and facilities are organized by means of Facebook or Whatsapp.

For its part, the Police Cyber of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the capital placed seven profiles Facebook, among which is a subject that has been the spearhead acts of vandalism in the last two days.

Against this background, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out that the National Guard works in coordination with the governments of the states to prevent looting in the stores: “The National Guard have instructions protect, to support, to agree with the state governmentswhat we are doing.”

The representative also emphasized that not withstand this kind of abuse. “If we are talking about that we’re not going to tolerate the arrogance and corruption of white collar criminals, we will not tolerate common crime, unless in these circumstances” he pointed out.

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