The Lord of the Rings series may be at the center of a scandal – Amazon ignores all safety standards

The series based on “The Lord of the Rings” has not yet been released, and is already at risk of getting into a serious scandal. And no, the problem is not with angry minorities or oppressed races. Based on numerous media complaints, Amazon has largely ignored safety regulations during the production of the anticipated show.

The creators of the series were attacked with criticism by stuntmen who took part in the filming of difficult scenes. According to them, the recent incident with Dinah Grant is just a prime example of what is happening behind the scenes. Most of the show’s creators ignore safety consultants and stunt warnings, preferring to take risks for the sake of production speed.

According to Thomas Kiwi, one of the stuntmen who recently left the filming of the series, he is really surprised by everything that happens. Onset, it can be seen that Amazon spares no budget for the series, but for some reason creates simply unbearable working conditions.

Amazon officials did not sit back and have already given their comments. The company takes security issues very seriously, and all such statements are called absurd.

The series based on The Lord of the Rings will immerse viewers in new stories of iconic characters in the world while adapting the story of The Silmarillion. The creators of the series are not yet ready to name the date of the premiere.


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