«The love between two stars? Difficult, but if you succeed it is also magical»- Corriere.it

Tammy Wynette and George Jones in the United States were two giants, two country superstars of the seventies. “But the way they lived, they look more like two punk-rock stars to me,” says Jessica Chastain, face of the singer in the series George & Tammy, April 27 on Paramount +. She, an artist at the beginning, raised with the myth of Jones, he singer already established but prey to various addictions: they know each other, the collaboration is born but also a love destined to become among the most famous in the United States.

An overwhelming and devastating love that ended badly and continued worse, but always with a third wheel: music. «If we hadn’t sung in the series, if we had limited ourselves to playback, it wouldn’t have been the same thing. Entering their music meant entering their life».

«We worked for a long time with a vocal coach: during the pandemic we had meetings on zoom, then for over a month we met in person, singing eight hours a day. Tammy’s voice was much lower than mine, it wasn’t easy. But having a lot of time available helped me, also to understand such a complex character».

Why do you call it complex?

“It fascinated me to play someone who had to go through so many difficulties. A woman very distant from the songs she sang, who chose to leave her first husband, with three children, and go all the way to Nashville determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer. A woman capable of self-determination».

Yet, became famous with a song like “Stand by Your Man” (“Stay next to your man”).

‘Exactly. She didn’t. But I finally thought about it and I think this song, in particular, can be easily misunderstood. It seems to mean that a woman must be at the side of a man as a mission, but in reality it means not abandoning those in difficulty”.

In fact, Wynette was by Jones’ side even after the divorce: they continued to perform together.

«I find it very interesting and I think it is also the key that can push many people to identify with the life of two stars: the strength of a relationship. I think Wynette loved Jones a lot and vice versa. This connection was clearly seen between them when they were on stage. She was really intimidated at first: she seemed to start living next to him. Their energy is the most exciting aspect of the series».

What is it like to play a real character?

“It makes a certain impression. I documented myself in every possible way, even talking to people who knew them. They told me about this project for the first time in 2011, so there was time: at the beginning it was supposed to be a film but a mini-series was needed to tell them better».

In your opinion, can a love story between two artists work?

«They are rather complicated existences, made up of strange hours, travel around the world… it is certainly difficult but when there are relationships like theirs, you see that there is something magical: Tammy and George understood each other in a way that their other partners, previously and even later, had failed to do and I think it’s beautiful when another human being is able to recognize you, to understand who you are».

‘I was inspired by this single mom, determined to build her own destiny. And all at a time when the music industry wasn’t so kind to female singers, it’s amazing what she’s accomplished. I like to redeem her superficial idea of ​​hers that she was weak: she was not at all. Music was not a hobby but a way of life: a form of energy that she shared with George.’

Is there a message to the series or is it just entertainment?

“The message can be found in their attempt to move beyond difficulties. They’re known for country music but they were rebels who lived their lives on the run. Both had trouble resting because that’s when you find yourself coming to terms with yourself. Their struggle in difficulties has a cathartic value».


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