The love of Katy Perry before Orlando Bloom


The moment was well chosen: the pop star Katy Perrythat is in a relationship with the actor Orlando Bloom, announced that it expects a son in the music video of his latest song “Never Worn White”.

Will be the first child for her and the second to Bloom, 43, who had a son with the model Miranda Kerr.

The loves of Perry before Bloom

Travie McCoy

The member of the band Gym Class Heroes, Travie McCoy found Katy Perry when he was making a recording in a studio and soon became close friends; the next single of the grouping was to point out his music video, and was as well as Perry had an appearance in “Cupid Chokehold”.

Subsequently to the filming of the video, Perry, and McCoy became a couple, but their romance was not too far away. After months of relationship and an engagement ring is involved, the partner terminated this relationship as McCoy admitted having problems with drugs, Perry decided to end their romance because her boyfriend had priorities and the composer was not among them.

Russell Brand

Katy Perry continued writing music and looking for other horizons in his artistic career, so I opted for the performance, during a segment of the movie “Mission Rockstar”, Perry recorded a few scenes and that was when he met the comedian English Russell Brand. Although the participation of Perry was eliminated from the movie, it was clear that Brand and it there was an aura of comfort and soon the rumors of their relationship became an undeniable truth.

Two years after their first encounter, Brand and Perry were married, and although this appeared to be the love story of a dream that any marriage I would like, the things came down after just 14 months since their wedding, since that Brand via text message asked to be the interpreter of “California Girls” the divorce.


During the documentary, Perry, “Part of Me” the artist added scenes where it looked shattered by the news of their separation, while the thousands of spectators were waiting anxiously to go to the stage, minutes before all was chaos in the dressing room. Finally, Perry decided to give the show and from the day on which you signed the divorce with Brand has not returned to contact with him.

John Mayer

In June 2012, Perry and John Mayer were linked romantically, and little time passed when it was confirmed that they were together, however, in the summer of the same year were separated, and just a few months after resumed their relationship.

A holiday and a ceremony of the Grammy awards were those that marked the return of the couple, but in 2013 they decided to end things, again. And although it seems that one learns from their mistakes to do so more than once, both singers tried to stabilize their relationship.

Everything was going well, and that is that Perry and Mayer recorded “Who You Love” a duet that would be included in the next album of study of the composer. In 2014 formally stopped their courtship, Perry continued on his world tour “Prismatic Tour” and Mayer with their musical projects, and although they were several times in public places, not picked up the pieces of your old relationship.


A few months after you end things with Mayer, Perry, and DJ Diplo they spent time together at the music festival Coachellaalthough it was a romance passenger, the artists were always caught jerking demonstrations of affection, but little was heard of their romance.

Perry was asked in a segment of the program “The Late Late Show with James Corden” in 2017, as would command their lovers from best to worst, and Perry put Diplo in the last place. Guess who is the first.

Orlando Bloom

No, it wasn’t Orlando Bloom, but John Mayer. Perry confessed to James Corden that Mayer was your lover preferred, and that Bloom was the second, however, it seems that things took a turn for the singer from california.

While Bloom and Perry agreed for the first time in the year 2013, the romance was not at this meeting. In 2016, after several dates and walks along the world, the pair seemed to be in their honeymoon phase, where everything is happiness and devote themselves full-time to appreciate your loved one, but the actor of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Perry no longer be seen suddenly and the same team as each artist took the time to confirm this to the fans of the couple.

Although everything seemed to indicate that I never more would have a “Bloom and Perry”, at the beginning of 2018 were already back together, months after the lovers are allowed to see in red carpets, parties and various social gatherings, officially they were a couple reconciled.


Things turned out well for the two and now the couple is committed and awaiting a baby, Perry hid her pregnancy for 6 months, but in a fragment of his music video “Never Worn White” you could see her bloated belly.

Subsequently, during a live broadcast revealed that her pregnancy at the video music was real and not just an ornament used in the filming.

“I want to tell you all but, I know that I’ll tell you the best way, that is through the music; this is how I talk to you,” said Perry when he confirmed her pregnancy.