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the ‘love story’ and the familiar winks in her writing debut

Two weeks after becoming a mother for the second time with the arrival in the world of Lilibet Diana, we have heard again Meghan Markle. This Sunday the talk that the Duchess of Sussex had with the journalist Samantha Balaban very shortly before having her daughter on the famous podcast program was broadcast NPR Weekend. The conversation that both have had, however, is very different from the controversial interview he did months ago with Oprah Winfrey since now Prince Harry’s wife has not made references to the British Royal Family. This time he has focused on giving new details of The Bench, the children’s book that he published just four days after the birth of his daughter and that is autobiographical. Not surprisingly, it narrates the father-child bond from the eyes of a mother and includes illustrations in which her husband, little Archie and also her and her baby are reflected.


The reason why Meghan will not accompany Prince Harry in the tribute to Diana of Wales

-Prince Edward considers the situation of Meghan and Harry ‘very sad’

Meghan recalled that the beginning of this literary adventure dates back to two years ago, when it occurred to her to give Harry something sentimental on his first Father’s Day: a bench where he could spend time with Archie and on the back of which he placed a plaque in the one that recorded the following message: “This is your bank, where life will begin. For you and our son. Our baby, our family.” Thanks to those words he wrote, he had the idea of ​​facing a blank page to write The Bench, a book that defines as a love story. “It’s really about growing up with someone and having this deep connection and trust so that, in good times or bad, you know you had this person. I hope people can see this as a love story that transcends My family’s story”, has indicated.


The daughter-in-law of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, hopes that any family who reads this story can feel reflected in it, but does not deny that she has relied on her family’s day-to-day life to write it with the help of Christian Robinson, who has commissioned the illustrations. “Especially in this last year I think that many of us have realized how much happens in tranquility,” he explains. “Looking from the window and seeing my husband rock him to sleep or take him … Those experiences, from my observation, are the things that inspired”adds the ex-protagonist of the series Suits.

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The memory of Diana always present

The book with which Meghan makes her foray into children’s literature not only reflects the daily life of her family, with which she has been living in California for more than a year, but also includes some winks. Notably some of the illustrations are painted with flowers popularly called forget-me-nots, the favorites of his mother-in-law, Princess Diana of Wales, the chickens they have, their pets … We also see a military man hugging his son while his wife cries from the window. It is based on a conversation he once had with a sergeant from Texas, who told him that he was unable to teach his boy to play ball because he was in Afghanistan on duty.

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