The Love Story of Osvaldo Benavides and Esmeralda Pimentel

Esmeralda Pimentel.

Two years ago, the couple announced their separation, but their story would not end there as they recently resumed their courtship

Esmeralda Pimentel and  Osvaldo Benavides gave each other a new opportunity in love and this Tuesday they made their reconciliation official through their social networks. And if you do not know the love story that the actors have lived, here we tell you.

The 31-year-old model and the 41-year-old actor met in 2017 when they worked together on the telenovela Beauty and the Beasts. Rumors that they were starting a relationship emerged shortly after, however they always said that they were just good friends.

It was until February 2018 that they confirmed their romance with an image that Esmeralda shared on her social networks, despite the fact that it did not show the face of her new partner, the fans were sure that it was Benavides.

Their relationship remained solid over time, in the interviews they gave they did not delve into their personal life, however they implied that they were happy. It all ended three years later.

The causes of the breakup were not clear and several rumors spread around the news, however, they made it clear that it was a cordial breakup and that they would remain good friends.

In March of this year, the first rumors of a possible reconciliation began, when they were seen together at Disneyland Florida. The photographs that the same actress shared on her Instagram account were very clear, however, they did not make it official.

It didn’t take long for a new photo to confirm the obvious. Although their faces are not seen in the image, the actor’s tattoo betrayed his identity, although it seemed clear to the fans that they wanted to make it public.

He for his part shared an image of the two together: “Beautiful things found in one of the makeup campers… It was the premiere of  Mentada de Padre, ” the actor wrote on his Instagram account

Finally, on April 27 they confirmed that they were together again, through a story that Pimentel shared on his Instagram stories. In the small clip, you can see the couple sharing a sweet kiss.

The actress of  Beauty and the Beasts just wrote “Us” accompanied by some hearts.

Through their official accounts, their fans have told them how happy they are for them and many hope that they will not separate again.


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