The loving message of Elena Furiase Ana de Armas that shows that their friendship is still intact


It is a time of family, take advantage of the time lost, value those you have near and even far. Elena Furiase so what shows and continues between porridge and bottles their days of confinement. If there is something that you enjoy truly of isolation is the amount of time you can spend with your baby. The little Noah has just turned 18 months and so we celebrate mother and child. “So we’re all on the day… the good things of this enclosure! #algobueno #yomequedoencasaconnoah ❤️“says the happy mom with a photo embracing his son. “I almost forgot!!! Happy year and a half!!! My small 🎂🎉”added , proud that you have seen as time passes flying in the care of the baby that is next to your partner, the musician Gonzalo Sierra.

Elena Furiase with his son NoahVIEW GALLERY

His mother, Lolita Floreshas not forgotten to congratulate your grandson for the one who feels true worship and confessed to the desire I have to see them again. “And I was with you. Congratulations Noah”. The artist admits that what leads of the quarantine is to be away from her daughter and her grandson. It excites only think of hugging his grandson, but it seems to have found the best formula in this situation: “we’re Going to say more often I love you, because if we’re not going to die of sadness”. Fortunately, Lolita Flores is not alone during the quarantine, because she lives with her son William, of 26 years.

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According to Elena Furiase is his brother William exactly who he looks like his son. Few days ago we were able to discover that the small, in addition to delight their loved ones with their curiosity, and their discoveries, also has a strong character, who could well form part of the ‘gene Flowers’. Elena shared with her followers a bit of fun with Noah and that was enough to get to know the personality of your child, that does not let itself be influenced by anyone.

The nice gesture towards his great friend Ana de Armas

In addition to her family, Elena Furiase does not forget his great friends. The daughter of Lolita and Guillermo Furiase wanted to send a loving message to his great friend, Ana de Armasthat passes the quarantine thousands of miles away, in Los Angeles, in the company of her new love, Ben Affleck. The interpreter No time to die just promote your new movie, Sergiowhich will be released today on Netflix. “What a beautiful friend and can’t wait to see you Sergio”, he has told Elena to Ana, whose friendship remains intact from that shot The Internship and they continue to speak regularly and share confidences and enthusiasm for the promising career of the cuban actress in Hollywood.