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The luxury shoes that has united Tamara Falco with the Kardashian Jenner sisters

As the great designers announced on the catwalk corresponding to the season spring-summer 2021, there is a very specific type of shoes that, in formal records, stand out above the rest and those are the shoes-jewel. These are all those that are covered by an exquisite satin fabric (or similar), in normally vivid colors and with a brooch of rhinestones manolo blahnik style. And yet, those who the celebrities they choose this season are not carrie Bradshaw’s favorite signature. Don’t lose sight of shoes that join to Tamara Falco with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters because they are causing real sensation.


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The shoes that have united Tamara Falcó and the Kardashian

nor espadrilles with wedgenor camel sandals. In his last photo, Tamara Falco surrenders to the charms of the most special salons of the moment. In green satin fabric (the fashionable color), with brooch-jewel on the front and tip type stiletto traditional, they are from Zara and yet they are very reminiscent of any pair of Amina Muaddi. Designer who, coincidentally, has also conquered the exclusive shoemakers of celebrities international as Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.


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A few months ago, and although they are usual in their looks, Kim Kardashian triumphed with these shoes of Amina Muaddi on their social networks. A set with rodarte’s blue leather trousers which also triumphs among the Nordics, the businesswoman bet on the iconic design of the Jordanian firm, Begum Sling. Model that, in fact, is exactly the same as the ones he wears Tamara Falco. Green, blue… in what more colors triumph the Amina Muaddi? In pink fuchsia, of course.


– The trend you led as a child and that Kylie Jenner just recovered

On one of those virtual tours that Kylie Jenner grants its millions of followers through its impressive dressing room, the businesswoman revealed her weakness for the fashion creations of Amina Muaddi. Also, as with Kim, they are a regular in his most drastic stylingsbeing vivid colors such as fuchsia pink your preferences in terms of design. Here, the young businesswoman combined the most fashionable jewel-shoes with a total black and, of course, in conjunction with sunglasses. However, her older sister, Kendall Jenner, maintains a simpler line and prefers them subtle. Specifically, with transparent strips under the rhinestone brooch logo on the firm.


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All about the success of Amina Muaddi

After training in Paris under the wing of the iconic Alexandre Vauthier, Amina decided to embark on its business path separately and thus launch its own line of luxury shoes, as well as handbags and jewelry. Based in France but of Italian production, it is the footwear category the most recognizable of the firm globally. And it is that their shoes are characterized by a shape reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids, as well as by the brooch-jewel it almost always adorns the front of their designs. Defined as a mixture of craftsmanship, glamour effortless and trend, not only has conquered the Kardashian sisters but the own Rihanna contract to Muaddi to design the line of Fenty footwear in 2019.

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