The Madness of Bolivia’s Lionel Messi!Hundreds of fans welcome Argentina national team in La Paz (Video) – Fox Sports

this argentina national team Already installed in Peace Hundreds of fans took to the streets of the city to cheer for their captain Lionel Messi.

This is also the first time a world champion team has visited Bolivia since i did it Brazil In 2005 World Cup qualifying games of CONMEBOL for Germany 2006.

The team is led by Lionel Scaloni Arrival at international airport tall At around 8:00 pm local time, check into the Southeast Hotel Peace.

s arrival albiceleste This sparked enthusiasm among Argentinian residents and hundreds of Bolivian fans who went to welcome the team, some at the airport and others who waited for hours at hotel doors.

Messi“Messi, Messi” or “Give him the title, give him the title” are the slogans chanted by fans who want to see up close the players who won the championship in the past. world of Qatar 2022.

Whether Leo will participate in the Battle of Bolivia is still unknown.Argentina

Lionel Messi undergoes medical study exclude any type Injuried After requesting changes at a previous meeting Ecuadorbut it’s unclear whether he will play against Bolivia.

10th inter miami He went to the clinic for a checkup, but he showed up on the street buenos aires He alerted the fans, who immediately moved to his location so they could see him, even if only for a few seconds.

collection of images Taichang Sports As soon as the news came out, a large number of people gathered in front of the company Medical center to be with you Idol and show your support.

However, there is no official version yet Argentine Football Association (AFA) About the extent of the striker’s illness inter miami Ask for changes at the end of the meeting albiceleste and three, It was because of his goals that he won.

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