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It’s 1961, and I’m sitting at my kitchen table almost in the dark, writing through the skylight of the little apartment Eduardo Mendoza Varela gave me in La Candelaria This sentence: “Gnostic day. / If the sun comes out, the harvest will be ruined / If it rains, the river will flood / If we light the fireplace, the house will burn / If we open the window, a bat will burn will come into us / It’s not the Lord’s failure to take control of the earth / It’s because my loved ones are sick”. In fact, my recent ride on the “Wizard of Atlanta” was paralyzed. She dealt with the astral thimble but that didn’t stop her from getting bronchitis I just joined a sect of spiritual healers so I tried the spell and two days later my majita was on my feet and this is us The miracle of celebrating with Maria de la Estreras. The other end of the table was listening to my theories about healing poetry.

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52 years have passed, the girl who was recognized as a literary genius was blown away by the unfortunate wind when she was less than 14 years old, and Ramaga and I went our separate ways, and today I found her alone, living with her own heart, What was already sad is now debilitating. When they took her to the Marley Clinic for her exams, though I don’t know of any literary organizations in New York that honored her, I remembered that little poem in case it would help her save. As I struggled to fit the girl into the supernatural mechanics of the poem, Ramaga fired my imagination and provided us with the table, while, through her white magic speculations, she got her client out of trouble. Carefully using silk and gold thread, he composed a poem tinged with angelic wonder. Her congratulatory phone number is 3202164272. Relatives and believers have turned up who believe she is lost and enjoying a reunion.

I continue my journey.I present my book published by FCE at Ulibro in Bucaramanga kingdom of my worldwinner of the Colcultura Prize in 1980, was supplemented in 2000 and accompanied Pablus Gallinazo to relaunch his, little sister, the 1966 Nada Esta Prize for Fiction, and screenings of films about his life and long-term announce book republicis an ambitious project of Casa del Libro Total, which proclaims: “We break class and end the treatment of groups adorning walls. our countrymen, and all other books”.

I came to Cali to participate in the 23rd International Poetry Festival hosted by the indefatigable poet Omar Ortiz, with whom I shared the last two prizes for life and work from the Cauca Valley government, which gives We are exempt. I am joking. It gets us into trouble even more. There are eighty poets for a week of magical transcendence. Besides reading and exchanging books, it is exciting to hug friends in your life, some of whom you haven’t seen in years (José Ángel Leyva, Leticia Luna, Luz Mary Giraldo, Miguel Iriarte, Julian Malatesta, Elvira Alejandra Quintero, Yirama Castaño, Antonio Correa, Carlos Fajardo), and those unknown but lived in admiration (Alfredo Pérez Alencarter, Marta Eloy Si Joca, Jorge Humberto Averez, Michele Cafucier, Romina Funes), those who have been called beautiful and kind poet Sarah Weir, from Armenia and Andrea Guzmán are from Medellin.

I will wait next week to continue to the Oiga, Mire, Lea festivals that Aura Lucía Mera invited me to.Then go to Medellin, attend the book fair kingdom of my world And the official delivery at the University of Antioquia of the Underbrook Estudio 44 typewriter that I inherited after his death, shipped to Otrapate (the former residence of Maestro Fernando Gonzalez, where the complete works of Gonzalo Arango are kept ).

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