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Among the things not-so-hidden “The hidden world of Sabrina” (Chilling adventures of Sabrina) there is the possibility of include current topics, such as the empowerment of women, which serve to inspire the audience, to match the protagonists Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina) and Gavin Leatherwood (Nicholas).

It’s great that my character is a representation of an empowered woman and can represent many voices, it is very important right now; the stories have been told of a very nice, and are connected to be a fun program, with all of this witchcraft,” explains Kiernan Shipka in an interview.

While it is not necessarily a series that has social problems, adds the actress of 20 years, itself speaks of them at the same time.

The stories of the people who feature in the series are very important, no matter if they are to entertain, I think that the actors give incredible voices to different topics that are living in the present”.

The series, inspired by the famous comedy Sabrina the teenage witch in the 90s, it turned to the characters and is turned into a drama series with stories that are current and shows Sabrina as an empowered woman, intelligent and brave and facing everything is to meet its objectives.

It gives a lot of messages, I think that seeing it in a general way, inspires people to be better and find a kind of balance between who you are, the mission that you have and the personal relationships that surround you and try to maintain all of that,” says Gavin Leatherwood.

The transition of a woman is insecure to a strong woman is shown from the first chapter, it considers the american actress.

In the first season, to start, Sabrina is hiding and in the second and third part, when you become a witch, every time she has more confidence and that is the message of the series, be yourself and fight for what one believes in, without stopping by what a society thinks,” said Shipka.

A passion of peace and love for all”, would be what the young actress of 20 years old says it would do if I had magic.

When you have this type of platforms, there is a bit of responsibility, and we do what we can; for example, when young people are watching, I think that is very important for me to be someone that raises their morale; I feel that charge with a responsibility to my fans who are younger than me, I want to be a good image for them,” external.

For the actress, playing Sabrina helped him to grow and to have confidence in herself; confess that you do not know what would have happened in his life if he had not been given the opportunity to participate in the series.

This series has made me grow as a person, actress; when I started I was 18, now I have 20 at the beginning I was very nervous and now I have much more confidence.”

Nothing to compare. The third installment of the series will premiere this January 24 in the platform Netflix, and, although many people make comparisons with the history of the 90’s, the actors want to make clear that it’s a completely different set, although in the background, if you feel a responsibility for playing characters that were in the imagination of the people.

There was a certain responsibility with the characters, because they are iconic, the people have so much attachment to Sabrina, but that’s why we make sure to make this series as best as possible, to let people with new expectations; there is nothing to compare with this series and the previous one, only that both seek to make the best of it”

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