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The makeup technique with which ‘celebrities’ avoid skin shine

The most important keys to beautiful skin are that it is hydrated, has an even tone and radiates light, and the good news is that there are treatments that help those who are fighting acne and other imperfections caused by the sanitary mask, hormonal imbalances or any other reason. Once you find the perfect care routine in which, as an advance, cleaning is key, makeup is the second part of this beauty ritual focused on getting the best out of yourself. Concealer and foundation: these are the two basic products with which to match the skin tone and camouflage redness or dark circles to achieve the famous “good face effect” that everyone seeks. An effective step-by-step that is completed with the trick that make-up artist Nikki DeRoest has just revealed in her networks: a technique that promises a fresh, radiant finish and, most importantly, without shine, through the strategic application of translucent powders.


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Nikki DeRoest is one of the best-known makeup artists in Hollywood and accumulates years of experience with VIP clients, including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Behati Prinsloo or the fashionable girl, Addison Rae. In addition, the specialist is a prescriber of trends that she talks about through her networks to her hundreds of thousands of fans. A good example of these express classes taught via on-line It is in the one that explains The technique Pinpoint powder with which you get a perfect looking skin and with the optimal balance of luminosity.

“This technique serves to maintain that radiant and beautiful skin that we all want. Because the glow it is synonymous with youth, health and it just looks great “, DeRoest begins to explain about the importance of enhancing the light in the face through hydrating and illuminating formulas. “However, this does not mean that we want our face to look like a disco ball,” reasons the makeup artist. The solution he proposes is as obvious as it is effective and consists of using a few translucent loose powders and a small facial brush and applying a small amount of product on the areas where the shine does not favor.


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“The key to making the pinpoint powdering it consists of using a smaller brush “, explains Nikki about the tool that helps the technique come out perfect. Afterwards, she takes a little powder and begins the application: “I like to start between the eyebrows”, reveals the makeup artist, who then ascends towards the forehead but without reaching the area of ​​the temples, “I want to keep the shine that appears right on the sides.” Another point that she calls “hot” are the sides of the nose, on which it also mattifies, leaving the upper central part with a natural touch of shine. “Now you will understand why a smaller brush is needed, otherwise it would be impossible to carry out this detail work “. The last destination is the chin, where the specialist concentrates the product only from the center down.

Although these are the main areas in which the expert recommends the pinpoint powdering, points out other areas that can be problematic depending on the person: “If you tend to have a lot of oil under your eyes, you can make a light stroke with the product that remains on the brush, but if not I also tell you not to focus too much on this part because you don’t want it to look dehydrated or loaded because that will make the expression lines more marked “, warns DeRoest. The result is a lighter, fresher and more natural version. of the technique of baking which was successful a couple of years ago and which consisted of applying a layer of powder to large areas of the face and keeping it on for a few minutes to counteract any shine that might appear.

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