‘The man is a genius’


Justin Timberlake is a great singer and no one can deny, not even his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears who, in an unprecedented act, he used his account Tik Tok to recognize the talent, now husband of Jessica Biel. In this quarantine, the interpreter of Baby One More Time he has spent a great part of the time listening to music and, in your playlists, you figure Justin Timberlake! Inspired by the talent of the singer is encouraged to burn to Tik Tok, a clip in which he appears dancing Filthy.

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To the surprise of his more than 23 million followers in this social network, Britney showed to be captivated by the rhythm of your ex youth, even, was above and beyond and dedicated to him a text that left many with their mouths open: “We had one of the ruptures most commented in the world, 20 years ago, but hey, the man is a genius! Great song JT, yes you know what is good”wrote as a description of the clip, message that Timberlake responded with several emojis.

In the video, it appears Britney wearing a white top with a short denim, tone-on-tone. Is carried away by the rhythm of the song and goes, improvising a few steps, gives some turns and smiles for the camera, showing how well that was going on, with the music of the former, in the background. Immediately, all those fans who grew up with Britney and suffered the breakup with Justin viralizaron the video.

This is not the first time that Britney expresses his admiration for Timberlake, in 2015, during a radio interview, acknowledged that he would love to do a musical collaboration with his ex, to which Justin responded with: “Did she say that?, Sure, absolutely”commented astonished by the statement of Spears, what will be achieved put their talents on the stage?.

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