The man she met on Tinder stole her Margiela Tabi shoes

As if finding a reliable partner on Tinder was no longer difficult, now you also have to worry about storing your accessories in the dark so they won’t be stolen. That’s what happened to Alexis Doug a few days ago, as told on his TikTok account (@nextlevellexuss).

“This story is about how this bastard stole my Taby Mary Janesa birthday present that my father gave me,” Duge explained to warn other women in New York, the city where she lives.

She and the shoe thief met while walking in Soho, and soon after, he texted her on Tinder:

“We started talking and eventually met for a drink. Everything was going well, he seemed like a nice guy to date and sleep with. The next day he very insistently wanted to see me again. Moving forward, we meet again, go home and go to bed. While we were in bed we were talking about fashion and he told me how much he wished he had Tabis and I showed him mine.”

The next morning, her precious shoes disappeared from the shelf and the man is gone from all social networks and even from Duge’s address book (he deleted the number himself, pretending to be looking for a playlist on Spotify).

The story caused a stir on Reddit, then quickly went viral on its forums and on TikTok itself, where the video has already surpassed 700,000 views. Thanks to the “work” of the network, some users they identified the thief fashionista. But here the story gets even more complicated:

“He called me and tried to deceive me,” said the victim in a new video, “he told me that he did not know what happened, and also tried to convince me. But then he started offering me money and that’s when I realized that he is lying“.

The shoes ended up on the feet of the lover’s bride (in fact, the boy had been dating another woman for several months). She, proud of the gift and unaware of its origin, posted a photo of the Mary Jane couple on her Instagram stories. Later, the woman found out the truth, and the shoes were returned to Duge’s shelf.

This story confirms that the most niche fashion is already very popular, albeit expensive. Just think, a pair of Dougé Margiela Tabi shoes cost about 890 euro. Not exactly pocket change.

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