The man, who was turned off by Katy Perry, and has built a relationship with her for the fame


In 2012, the emotional life of the Katy Perry I just had to go back to being single after a split from the comedian Russell Brandhe returned the call to the owner, for one reason or another, very, very different from the the complicated process of divorce, in which she was immersed. No one had passed through it ” and that she was very well accompanied by a Chanel show at Fashion Week in Paris for a 22-year-old so-called Baptiste Giabiconithat was going to be a friend and protégé of creative director of the company, Karl Lagerfeld’s.

A few days later, we were both surprised attitude is a very loving in the wee hours of the morning at the exit of a hotel in the French capital, and if it was true that between them they had grown to lovesomething that a spokesman for the games he was in charge of confirming and stating that you were getting to know each other better.

However, the J -back to be fully present you have to become the main heir of the kaiser of fashion after his death she confessed, now in a book that is dedicated to the memory of the designer is entitled, ‘Karl, et moi’ it was an assembly.

By the looks of it Lagerfeld was also the one who came up with the idea of sentarles together in the front row of the presentation of the collection, because I know that “they would be good together in the photo”, but it’s the model that I wanted to go a step further orquestando one is ‘stolen’. In his book, he explains openly how to he took it upon himself to warn me to one of his friends to the place where he would meet up with the pop star for retrataran together, and that he was at the end of the the realization of the flights, and a kiss on the neck of the artist to increase the rumors when they came out on to the street, and took a shot of the impromptu paparazzi.

“I’m going to make something with Katy Perry’s on the Square, you have there, yes or yes, to tell the story,” he says, that he said to his friend. “I don’t have any shame, the whole world does it”, he adds, to justify his course of action.

What has not been specified, it is if she was aware or not, was at handbut their mentor, I was thrilled with the excitement that was generated around the model’s favourite.

“Our history has spread as a powder, appear in the covers, and fill entire pages around the world. Karl, I was happy.”the conclusion Schools.