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The Municipality of Córdoba organized the Recorré Córdoba Marathon, which takes place this Sunday, starting at 7, at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium. Almost 14 thousand people participated.

The event has four categories in competition: 42 kilometers (K), 21 K, 10 K and 5 K. The novelty was that there was no distinction of prizes for people with disabilities. The amounts range from $ 10,000 to $ 150,000, depending on the category and arrival position.

Around 8.15, the death of a 58-year-old participant was confirmed, after a decompensation. The emergency team tried to revive him, without success.

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Meet the winners




1- Tomás Roda

2- Carlos Iván Ferreyra

3- Matías Leones


1- Luciana Fernández

2- Flavia Melina Salary

3- Rocío Capdevila



1- Brian Burgos (00:33:51)

2- Edgar Felipe Neri Chavez (00:34:09)

3- Gustavo Martín Villafañe Flores (00:34:18)


1- Eugenia Flores Martínez (00:40:12)

2- María de los Ángeels Gómez (00:42:03)

3- Ivanna Herrera Loto (00:42:17)



1- Federico Bruno (01:06:12)

2- Gianfranco Presti (01:08:58)

3- Marcos Delforno (01:10:13)


1- Rosa Godoy (01:18:49)

2- Patricia Ponce (01:20:14)

3- Carina Cuevas (01:22:54)



1- Pedro Gómez (02:23:44)

2- Elias Acevedo (02:27:17)

3- Bernardo Maldonado (02:31:16)


1- Dahyana Juárez (02:49:24)

2- Silvana Marchisio (02:53:50)

3- Claudia Ríos (03:12:21)


42K Wheelchair

1- Alejandro Maldonado (01: 50:35)

2- Miguel Alberto Lescano (02:01:40)

3- Alan Mauro Chocobar (02:03:40)

21K Wheelchair

1- Santiago Gutierrez (01:29:26)

2- Matías Jaime (02:05:13)

3- Gustavo Adrián Pereyra (02:15:36)

21K Other disabilities

1- Matías Nicolás Joison (02:13:11)

2- Valentin Alberto Canosa (02:28:12)

10K Wheelchair

1- Walter Ramón Lazarte (0046: 39)

2- Carlos Alberto Figueroa (00:51:05)

3- Juan Carlos Molina (00:58:57)

10K Other disabilities

1- Tomás Alejo Plaini (00:40:54)

2- Juan Matías Díaz (0049: 13)

3- Claudio Nicolás Plaini (00:49:29)

10K Blind

1- Walter Alvares (00:45:54)

2- Luis Pablo Astelarra (00:49:39)

3- Víctor Educado Ramirez (01:11:48)

“This exceeded all expectations, with one of the largest marathons in Argentina. The organization was spectacular,” he told Chain 3 the mayor Martín Llaryora, and highlighted the joint work: “When we work together pulling for the same side, Argentines can.”

In dialogue with Chain 3, Miguel Siciliano, Secretary of Government of the Municipality, stressed that there will be no distinction of awards for people with disabilities.

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In this sense, he reported that the prizes range from $ 10,000 to $ 150,000, depending on the category and arrival position.

“We want it to be a party, for the whole family. We seek to position Córdoba as the capital of tourism in the interior of Argentina,” said the official.

And he closed: “We have high expectations. We believe it will be the largest marathon in Argentina in 2021 “.

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Report by Celeste Benecchi and Juan Bernaus.

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