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the market in full growth

From August 30 to September 5, 2021 the cryptocurrency market shows signs of recovery and most altcoins show growth that reached up to 100%, according to Live Coin Watch statistics.

The weekly top is headed by IOTA (MIOTA) that this week he activated a new update on his network; and Aragon (ANT), which announced its association with the Polygon protocol.

They follow polkadot (DOT), which seeks to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) to its platform through the Cream Finance project; and litecoin (LTC) which presented its timeline for the implementation of the MimbleWimble privacy protocol.

The five cryptocurrencies are completed with waves (WAVES), which continues to promote its competition with digital ducks in NFT format.

The price of bitcoin (BTC) rose again and its price gained more than 3% in these seven days, once again exceeding USD 50,000. The value of the pioneer cryptocurrency ranged between $ 46,701 and $ 50,700, showing a price consolidation that could induce it to $ 60,000, in the opinion of analyst Willy Woo.

Meanwhile, ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency of Ethereum, is also rising in price. This week it moved between USD 3,154 and just over USD 4,000, approaching the all-time high of USD 4,362, which it achieved on May 12. On average ETH earned just over 22% powered by the activation of Arbitrum, a second layer solution.

CriptoNoticias reviewed the data from the most recent Glassnode report, according to which there is a similar trend in both networks: a sustained decline in coins that are three months old or less. Such a fact suggests that people are thinking in the long term to make a profit.

Other relevant cryptocurrencies by market capitalization continue with ups and downs. XRP increases by 13%; dogecoin (DOGE) advances 8%; and cardano (ADA) loses 0.1%. This, while litecoin (LTC) gains 28%; and polkadot (DOT) is appreciated at 29%. Both are in the weekly top.

IOTA activates the Hornet update

According to the information published on the IOTA Twitter account, the project activated this September 2 the Hornet update. With it, the platform again integrates the function of autopeering, a mechanism that allows network nodes to interact with each other in automatic mode.

The tweet adds that, with the update, a plugin of faucet, in order to facilitate the network nodes the process of executing the “Tangle” (equivalent to blockchain in IOTA) privately, in order to distribute the platform token.

In this way, it becomes possible to register information on the IOTA network “In a secure, transparent and immutable way through distributed consensus”.

In this context, the native cryptocurrency MIOTA began to rise in price from the date of the update. The price advanced at a steady pace, reaching a peak of $ 2.07 on September 4. On average, it rose to more than 100% in these seven days, closing with an advance of more than 80% at the end of this writing.

Additionally, the IOTA Foundation has been reporting on the progress of your alliance with the CHAISE consortium and some of the most influential organizations in Europe in order to develop a certified blockchain training program and DLT in the region.

MIOTA’s market capitalization is USD 5,036 million and the daily trade volume is USD 413 million.

MIOTA’s price peaked at more than $ 2 on September 4. It grew more than 100% throughout the week. Source: Live Coin Watch.

Aragon partners with Polygon to make DAO launch cheaper

Aragon, protocol based on the Ethereum network focused on the creation of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), ad on September 2 its association with Polygon, a protocol for building and connecting blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. The goal of the alliance is to facilitate the launch of Aragon DAO on Polygon.

According to the note posted on the Polygon blog, Aragon will use this network as a comprehensive scaling solution. The integration represents a reduction of more than 5,000 times in the amount for the creation of DAO. In this regard, Luis Cuende, co-founder and executive director of Aragon Association, thinks that integration could be a decisive factor to significantly lower costs for interacting with these types of organizations.

Following the announcement, Aragon’s native cryptocurrency ANT kicked off a dizzying rally, gaining more than 41% in seven days. Its price It ranged from a low of $ 4.68 to a high of $ 8.37 on September 2.

The market capitalization of the token is estimated at USD 263 million and the daily trading volume is USD 28.7 million.

The price of ANT advanced by an average of 41% in seven days, reaching a maximum of USD 8.37 this September 2. Source: Live Coin Watch.

Partnership with Cream Finance will bring DeFi to Polkadot

According to information released by Polkadot on September 2, decentralized finance project (DeFi) Cream Finance will bring its lending and borrowing services to Moonbeam, a smart contract platform based on Polkadot’s network.

In this regard, Moonbeam clarified in a message on Twitter, that Cream Finance will be integrated into its ecosystem starting by integrating its parachain (small blockchain network) in the parallel networks Kusama and Moonriver, and then enter Polkadot. With this, Kusama and Polkadot users will be able to use Cream’s services to deposit digital assets as collateral or to make loans.

Amid these advances, DOT, the network’s native cryptocurrency, ranks third in the top weekly CriptoNoticias.

The price rise has been constant since August 30. On average the cryptocurrency appreciated by more than 29% on the week. The price rise has been more or less stable in recent days, reaching a peak of USD 33.79 on September 5.

The market capitalization is USD 34,299 million and the daily trade volume is USD 855.5 million.

The maximum weekly DOT value was $ 33.7 reached on September 5. Source: Live Coin Watch.

Litecoin advances MimbleWimble privacy protocol integration

Litecoin’s two-year plans to integrate the MimbleWimble privacy protocol are paying off. This week schedule was announced launch of the new code, whose version 0.21 may be available for download on October 31.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, the MimbleWimble Extended Block (MWEB) protocol code of Litecoin (LTC) has been ready since last March and in these months it has been going through a formal audit process. During this time has also been receiving funding, as reported by developer David Burkett.

The recent news is giving a significant boost to the price of LTC. The cryptocurrency has experienced an increasing advance since August 30. For this September 5 it had a peak of more than 228 dollars per unit. On average, its advance has been above 28%.

As of press time, the market capitalization of LTC is USD 15,468 million and the daily trading volume is USD 2,283 million.

The price of LTC started to rise from August 31st. With slight corrections, it peaked at $ 228 on September 5. Source: Live Coin Watch.

Prices of competing NFTs on the Waves platform go up

This week, the Waves team has continued to present their progress in rolling out a competition with the breeding of digital ducks in non-fungible tokens (NFT) format, called Waves Ducks.

This time, It is announced the revaluation of NFTs, whose prices have reached more than USD 14,000. According to the company in a tweet, some hatchlings are sold over 500 waves.

For a few months this game, in which blockchain users actively participate, has been notably influencing the rise in the price of the native token, placing it several times in the top week of this medium.

The price of WAVES has been on the rise since August 30 and, despite experiencing several corrections, it has been on a steady rise in the following days. It peaked at $ 30.9 on September 4. On average he gained more than 18% in the week.

As of press time, WAVES ‘market capitalization is USD 2,957 million and daily trade volume is USD 124.7 million.

The price of WAVES peaked at $ 30.9 on September 4. On average it rises more than 18%. Source: Source: Live Coin Watch.

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