The marriage proposal at the Ultimo concert went viral (VIDEO)

A very sweet moment.

Last returned from three performances at the stadium in a row olympic rome, at the most important stage of his hometown. And at concerts, as we know, crazy things often happen. In this case tender moment between couple. Indeed, according to notes Little Star, the man knelt down and asked for the hand of his partner, humming a song and asking her “Will you marry me?”

This so romantic moment attracted the attention of all the surrounding fans, and then himself Lastwho approached them and knelt down to dedicate a song to him. At the end of the song, the singer exclaimed: “Long live the newlyweds!”

The images are wonderful.

Last also shared a touching social media post describing the emotions he experienced during his three nights at the Olimpico.

My Rome is perhaps the only photo that can accurately describe my gratitude for these 3 crazy, magical and eventful nights.
Get on your knees with your hands clasped to greet your applause.
It was one of the three most beautiful concerts I have ever seen.
I am very pleased to remember this, because I got the impression that you were not here to listen to me, but to hear yourself, and now I cannot take your eyes off my head.
If you often tell me that you will never leave my music, now it is I who tell you that you will always find me on stage, telling us about this life, which, despite all its problems, manages to be less complicated, at least for instant. .
When I see you crying, I want to go downstairs and tell you that everything is fine, but then I understand that this is right, because people like us live everything in an enhanced form … they cannot live, like others, they can’t be all right, and you can see it in their eyes, they always have a part of themselves somewhere else.
Otherwise, screaming like crazy in the stadium that no one knows what we have inside, it would not be so good.

I will stay here until the next life.

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