The Marvels, Carol Danvers and Monica Rambo were supposed to work together.

According to The Marvels executive producer, Carol Danvers and Monica Rambo have been planning a collaboration since Captain Marvel, but how?

Miracles will allow Carol Danvers AND Monica Rambo meet again after what happened in Captain Marvel, the first standalone film to focus on one of the most powerful Avengers in the Marvel Universe. According to executive producer Mary Livanosthis encounter was actually already scheduled in Captain Marvel, so it was destined to happen, especially since Monica Rambo found her powers in Captain Marvel. Wanda Vision. Marvel Viewers Actually Remember What Happened to Daughter Maria Rambeau in a series featuring Elizabeth Olsen. Monica regained her powers after a minor accident, and in “Miracles” she will join Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan to face a new threat.

The Marvels had planned for Carol and Monica to bond back in Captain Marvel.

According to the Marvel executive producer, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been planning a reunion between Monica Rambo and Carol Danvers for a long time. However, now Monica is an adult and has to come to terms with the disappearance of her mother. According to Mary Livanos, the partnership between Carol and Monica has been in development since Captain Marvel (released in 2019), a movie set in the 90s that allowed Marvel Studios to more easily lay the groundwork for a bond. between Monica and Carol, which is destined to branch out over time, even now that Monica Rambo has become an adult with superpowers. What the two women have in common is Maria, Monica’s mother, who was once a close friend of Carol’s. Executive Producer revealed Total Film:

The idea that Monica Rambo and Carol Danvers’ paths would cross has been brewing for some time. There was discussion (at the time of production) of Captain Marvel if an adult friendship relationship for Monica and Carol could be in question, but ultimately we decided to go with Maria so we could grow Monica Rambo into a heroine in the future and propose a reunion. between Carol and Monica, it would show how difficult family relationships can be sometimes.

The second film with Brie Larson postponed the release date: it was originally scheduled to debut in July 2023, but Miracles has undergone a calendar change and will not be released until November 2023. In the cast, in addition to Brie Larson and Teyonah Parrisalso find Iman Vellani who plays young Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel.

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