The Matrix – When Will Smith turned down the role of Neo

Many actors turn down a movie during their career and then regret it.but such significant cases as the case Will Smith With matrix. The actor decided not to play Neo for the sake of participating in a disastrous job, which he considers his worst film.

Everything goes back to 1996When Smith had a meeting with the Wachowskis, but he did not understand they submitted it to him, so he opted for what seemed like a guaranteed hit, reuniting with director Barry Sonnenfeld. After all Men in Black already broke the cash register and Wild Wild West they had one of the largest budgets at their disposal.

It is also true that Smith himself admitted at some point what could undermine the success matrix if he agreed to act, but he also regretted abandoning Neo’s idea.

Perhaps the most revealing moment was when the star Bad Boys he was in the middle of an advertising campaign for an equally unsuccessful Twinsand asked what advice would he give himself if he could go back in time at another point in his career. The African-American actor’s response was: “I would go back to the Wild, Wild West and ask: why didn’t you do it? matrixare you a moron?”

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