The meaning of “CANCEL” famous as Lana del Rey, Doja Cat, and Jimmy Fallon


Have you ever said something insensitive? If so, you may have had that apologize with someone. But if you are a celebrity in 2020, whose actions affect many more people, your entire state could be in play.

Last week, we convened several celebrities different in the social networks by your behavior insensitive past or present. Hashtags #DojaCatIsOverParty, #LanaDelReyIsOverParty and #JimmyFallonIsOverParty they were trending on Twitter as users tried to “cancel” the three-star.

Celebrities that have been canceled on Twitter

Jeffree Star

Last week, Jeffree Star, he was called for throwing a palette of makeup with themes of death during the pandemic, which many considered insensitive.

Lana del Rey

At the same time, the pop star Lana Del Rey was criticized by a publication of Instagram expressing his frustration over claims that their lyrics are not empoderadoras for women.

He opened the publication, saying that Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé do not receive the same type of criticism. The Twitter users pointed out that the majority of those artists are women of color, and were not happy that The King seemed to throw them under the bus.

Many of the fans of those women, including the Beyonce Beyhive, jumped to the hashtag #LanaDelReyIsOverParty. Lana shared a video on Instagram TV several days later to clarify his publication, saying that it had no intention of being racist.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat, one of the women that you mentioned, was the next to be called. During the past weekend, the singer and rapper Say So she had her own feast of cancellation after the emergence of online videos of their participation in chat rooms involving conversations racist.

The pop star, who is half black, was also named for a song from 2015 that the people stated that mocked the victims of the police brutality.

Sunday, Doja Cat apologized publicly on Instagram and said he had no intentions racist.

Jimmy Fallon

The next day, Twitter users tried to cancel the program interviews night Jimmy Fallon after a video of him doing blackface 20 years ago began to circulate online.

The video is from an episode of Saturday Night Live from 2000 and presents to Fallon by pretending to be the cast member Chris Rock while he was in blackface. On Tuesday, Fallon turned to Twitter to make a public apology.

But, what apologize enough to avoid being cancelled, and the culture of cancellation sometimes goes too far?

What is the culture of cancel celebrities?

Jones, an instructor of social justice and community studies at the University of Saint Mary’s in Halifax, said that the culture of cancel it is to blame people for their actions.

The term emerged out of the social networks, which has allowed people to join and use their collective voice to call someone.

Usually, it involves people with power, such as celebrities, who have done or said something harmful, as something racist, homophobic or sexist.

Jimmy is a well-known comedian, conductor and actor of the united States

The impressive career of the host of the Tonight Show and his friendship with various celebrities have become one of the favorite of the audience, so that the vast majority has defended/Photo: The Independent

“When we terminate someone, we are basically saying that a person has done something bad and we want people to know and face their consequences,” Jones said to CBC Kids News.

Depending on the situation, the consequences can mean having to apologize, to put off the power (for example, a celebrity who loses his hearing) or even face legal action.

How to cancel people is the best solution?

Jones said that cancel to a famous can be good when he pulls out to someone powerful on a pedestal, especially if you have a pattern of harmful behavior and is likely to cause more damage.

However, she said that can sometimes “go too far” in some cases when people cancel on someone for a mistake for the first time, because it does not allow them to learn and grow.

Jones said that if someone calls you, it is important not to take it as something personal and that “there is nothing shameful in being wrong”.

Doja 24 years barely being consolidated in the world of music

Your success Say So that you made in collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj has turned into one of the new stars of the time, but his career now hanging by a thread by the controversy/Photo: XXL Mag

“Often, when we make a mistake, we get defensive because we feel that someone tells us that we are a bad person,” he said.

Jones emphasized that it is important to “breathe deeply”, listen to what people tells you and be willing to ask for forgiveness and learn from it.

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And if you call someone, Jones said that it is always better to approach them in a way that is useful and that makes them feel as if they were on your side. “We can do it in a way that is very friendly and helpful, because sometimes people simply do not know that what they did is wrong.”