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Hugh Jackman shared on Instagram a photo sent by his mother, in which he appears in his grandmother’s arms, on the day he was baptized.

In recent years, the Australian actor has tried to repair his relationship with his mother, Grace, who abandoned him as a child.

“My mother sent me this picture last week. Grandma Agnes was dressing me for baptism. It was February 2, 1969. I will always cherish it “, wrote the 53-year-old star in the post on Instagram.
Hugh and his mother tried to rebuild their relationship after childhood, which the actor described as “traumatic”.

The star of “The Wolverine” was eight years old when his mother left his family.

She left Australia and returned to her hometown of England in the late 1970s, leaving behind her husband, Christopher John Jackman, to raise their five children.

After the couple divorced, Hugh’s sisters, Zoe and Sonya, moved to the UK and lived with their mother. Hugh and his brothers, Ian and Ralph, stayed in Sydney with their father.

The actor stated for the show 60 Minutes that he remembers very well the morning when his mother left.

“I remember he had a towel wrapped around his head and said goodbye. I went to school, and when I returned there was no one in the house. The next day a telegram came from England. My mother was there. And that was all. My father prayed every night for my mother to return, “Jackman confessed.

Hugh explained that after becoming a parent, he gained “another level of empathy and understanding,” which allowed him to get closer to his mother again and rebuild his relationship. He has two adopted children – Oscar, 21, and Ava, 16 – with his wife, Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness.

Jackman and his mother reconciled a few years ago, and now he frequently posts photos in which they appear together.

“I am 43 years old now and we have reconciled, which is very important. I’ve always had a strong connection with my mother. I have a good relationship with her now, “he told The Sun in 2011.

In an Instagram post, Hugh revealed last month that his father, Christopher, who was an English-born and Cambridge-educated accountant at Cambridge, had died at the age of 84.

Christopher passed away on Father’s Day, which is celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday in September.

“On Father’s Day, in the early hours of the day, my father passed away. Although there is a deep sadness, I am full of gratitude and love. My father was, in a word, extraordinary. He dedicated his life to his family, his work and his faith. I pray that now she will be at peace with the Lord “, the actor wrote on his Instagram page.

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