The millionaire numbers they paid for Freddie Mercury’s piano

Freddie Mercury’s beloved piano, composed by him Bohemian Rhapsody and other Queen hits, sold for more than $2 million as part of a record-breaking auction of the late singer’s vast collection of lavish clothing, artwork and handwritten lyrics.

Articles related to drama RhapsodyThe band’s most famous song “” became one of the most coveted works at auction on Wednesday night, with its handwritten lyrics selling for about 1.4 million pounds ($1.7 million). ) and a gold Cartier brooch engraved with “Queen number 1”, a gift from manager The band rated each of its members after the song hit the charts and sold for £165,000 ($208,000).

Other valuables

Long before MTV, Mercury set a record for the highest price ever paid for a rock star jewelry piece at auction, wearing a silver, Victorian-style snake bracelet when paired with an ivory satin suit in the video for the song. Auction organizer Sotheby’s.

The bracelet sold for £698,500 ($881,000), 100 times more than its low estimate. Sotheby’s said the item broke the record set by a leather and beaded John Lennon amulet, which sold for 295,000 pounds ($368,000) in 2008.

After Queen’s glam rock spawned a deluge of hits, Mercury’s collection of eclectic memorabilia enabled the singer to live out the singer’s dream of a Victorian life “surrounded by refined chaos”.

When Mercury died of AIDS-related pneumonia in 1991 at age 45, Mercury left his house and possessions to her close friend, Mary Austin, who decided to sell everything: more than 1,400 items.

Just 59 items from the “scratch” sold for £12.2 million ($15.4 million), including buyer’s premium, exceeding their estimate during the four-and-a-half-hour auction. Bidders from 61 countries participated in person, online and by phone.

Wealthy fans are betting ever-growing fortunes on a piece of the late singer’s clothing, prizes and original handwritten drafts, including classics like this killer queen and we are the champion.

Depending on how you look at it, the night’s winner could be Sotheby’s, Austin Auction House or some charity to which he has pledged to donate an undisclosed portion of the proceeds.

Or, the winner could be the person who purchases a unique souvenir. A man who paid £635,000 ($801,500) for the rhinestone crown and red faux fur cape that Queen wears on stage at the end of every show in her finals raised his hands above his head and hugged the person sitting next to him woman. 1986 tour.

The auction, which began with the sale of a graffitied garden gate from Mercury’s home, quickly surpassed its pre-auction estimate of £25,000 ($31,250) and sparked a bidding war that lasted nearly 20 minutes.

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