The Minister of Health participates in a large vaccination and health check operation at the Belgrano complex

The facility was visited that day by Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz, head of the health sector, whose aim is to bring health services closer to the population through awareness, information, control and immunization activities.

in opportunity, Medina Ruiz While offering free tickets to retirees, Salud is also doing prevention by controlling blood pressure, assessing cardiovascular risk and essentially vaccinating everyone who wants to be vaccinated against flu, Covid-19 and pneumonia, he said.

“We’re vaccinating over 200 people, most of them senior citizens, and they don’t have a complete plan, so they take the opportunity to do so. I’m always thankful for our human and personal resources, who come to the high-level with empathy and humanity. quality work,” the minister stressed.

As far as Siprosa Nursing Director is concerned, she is a graduate Norma IglesiasThey said they are again working with the Department of Transportation to deliver tickets to retirees. “Together with the Ministry of Health and the Board of Nursing, we have completed these programs at vaccination sites, and we have provided consultation as we have trained in blood pressure control, use of assistive devices such as crutches, walkers, and preventive measures.” The source explained, while emphasizing that the operation was very successful and worthy of praise.

Iglesias also said that they are cooperating with the health policy for chronic diseases: “We are very grateful to the Minister for giving us the opportunity to take care of the community. We invite you to come on August 10, because we will also be in the Belgrano complex “.


pensioner Christina Isabel Delgado He said he went to the complex to get a refund and took the opportunity to get vaccinated. “I don’t have time to go to the care center, and when I see that I’m healthy after the vaccination, I go and finish my schedule,” he said.

Beatrice Westow He stressed the importance of completing the program, especially for adults: “I was terrified of getting vaccinated, but they made me understand that prevention is better than cure.”

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