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Does not exist in the social media universe something that irritates more to an English than a foreigner hanging a picture of a rice crammed with things by saying that you have made paella. If we add that that foreign is a model and not just the rice in question has cooked it –the models will eat only water and approach the fire of the kitchen only to come on the straws, says the book of instructions of the señoro–, but that above is a vegetarian, then we could expect to be together for another new paellagate. Well, as the model Gigi Hadid the other night was cooked a rice with vegetables and other healthy things. Rose the photo to Instagram.

The Spanish model Blanca Padilla commented on the publication: “I See paella”. Meanwhile, thousands of followers of the mannequin caught the post where best they fit into your worldview. Yes it is very good that we stop eating animals, because they are living beings and such, that the planet is pachucho, that I have cut the light, that same morning cool, what list are you, Gigi, that even kitchens, can you give me the recipe?

The recipe is a creation of the chef Ming Tsai, a chef american of chinese origin who grew up in Dayton, Ohio, the mecca of international cuisine. Famous for his television programs, is owner of several restaurants. In 1999, he took an Emmy for the public service of their programs –that was before we surrender to the exoticism of the pan– and the following year the magazine People recognized as one of the most beautiful people in the planet, which perhaps would explain that a model like Gigi Hadid has dared with his recipe for paella by and for handsome.

The picture of the paella Gigi Hadid. You can blame many things, but that does not seem healthy. In 20 minutes you are already to go for a run

The picture of the paella Gigi Hadid. You can blame many things, but that does not seem healthy. In 20 minutes you are already to go for a run

The dish contains no less than 20 ingredients, which are more than a cupboard of medium size can accommodate. Seen the video of the preparation of the recipe, the truth is that this bears little resemblance to paella and even less to what has been presented Gigi Hadid (Los Angeles, 1995), in the list of the best 50 dummies of the world from 2014 and International model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016. What Ming is a kind of rice three delights without delight. What Hadid is like a rice with vegetables chosen by alphabetical order or by pantone that has fallen over a salad. Positions to choose from, we are left with the dummy, more than anything because we can set aside the ingredients more annoying. There are times in life that you have to ask what is fair.

Obviously, not all reviews have been positive. As there may be another way, a handful of citizens with a Spanish passport, have had an effect, as it is necessary in these cases, in that it is not paella. It gives you the feeling that, in a short time, when we are on the world, we are known as the of “That is not paella” and not as fellow countrymen Rafa Nadal and Alejandro Agag. The list of affronts to our most popular dish and at the same time most controversial grows every week that passes. It is curious that we have so much tirria to the foreigners that make things foreigners with the rice when in our own restaurants is becoming more and more complicated, not eating a paella of truth, but a rice with things you don’t want to fend off dish. Only the great nations are asking others who do well what they are doing wrong. More info in the page of Wikipedia of the USSR.

What’s chorizo by Jamie Olivertherefore , almost remains something very appealing, if we compare it with some photos of this dish stuffed with pineapple or even bacon who travel by Twitter or Instagram. Well, after all, that Gigi has made a rice with vegetables and, on the way to the living room, she has thought about that as I missed the salad on top so it saves washing another dish, you could enter more in the field of innovation that the already very crowded universe of the aberration.

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