The Modern Volume Will Present Soon On Windows 10?


If we look back in 2018, and then it’s a rumor, to change the said that Microsoft is already planning the function and design of the volume controls in Windows 10 was the count, as to the changes in addition to the control audio playback with the built-in media player.

But after twice getting a major upgrade (Windows 10, 1903 and 1909), the function has not yet been published, until now.

But the exciting news is the rumor (via Windows Phone), where in Windows 10 Build 19577 latest, reportedly contains the code that shows, is there is a volume control.

This change is still a rumor, of course, but considering that it’s been almost two years since the first time this feature is rumored to be, many users expect this feature to Microsoft releasing probably really the Volume control Modern this soon.

Only if this function is not released for Microsoft, this feature is available in Windows 10 in the year 2004, which is now already in the final stage of development and will be released soon for users of the Insider-Release-preview.

Now, what do you think about this feature? you are interested with the volume knob this new? please give your opinion and share your thoughts below guys.

Reference : Tech-Radar, The Latest Windows

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