The Moment the Kardashians Reveal to Their Production That Their Reality Show Will End

Kim Kardashian.

The famous sisters’ television show comes to an end after 20 seasons and more than a decade on the air. This is how Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé broke the news to their staff

The reality show of the famous and controversial Kardashian family comes to an end after 14 years on the air and hundreds of iconic moments. The news surprised fans when it was released in September of last year, however, the one who really had a hard time was the production team.

It was recently revealed how the Kardashians gave the bad news to their production. In the video shared by the program you can see how  Kris Jenner informs those who work behind the scenes: “There is no easy way to say this,” begins the momager.

“We wanted to tell you in person that we will not go ahead with filming the show,” reveals Kris in front of his stunned crew.

The matriarch was accompanied by her older daughters,  Kourtney,  Kim, and  Khloé, who was visibly affected.

Those present could not hold back their tears and little by little they began to cry just like the reality stars. The businesswomen also thanked the moments they spent next to the production and assured them that they consider them a second family.


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But something that caught the attention of fans during the emotional moment was the return of  Kim’s crying face, a recurring joke on the show where they make jokes about how “ugly” the socialite looks when she cries.

Kim’s iconic  “crying face”  first appeared in season two, when the family takes a trip to Colorado in which Kim is hurt by the way her family treats her. Kourtney was the culprit that this moment was captured in the history of the Kardashians because in the comments behind the scenes she assured that she could not stop laughing because Kim was very ugly when she cried.

It was on September 8, 2020, that through her social networks, Kim Kardashian announced the end of  Keeping up with the Kardashians, the businesswoman did not disclose the reasons behind the decision, however, she thanked her fans for all the time that they shared together.

Now the star of the small screen will focus on his legal career while finishing the divorce process Kanye West, for their part each of his sisters plans to focus on their personal life; Kourtney is currently very happy with Travis Barker, while Khloé seems to be having a  difficult time with Tristan Thompson.