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The most anticipated August series

Even if we go by parts. The next day 2 premieres in Movistar + “A la caza del amor”, a series written and directed by the British actress Emily Mortimer, protagonist of the film La librería de Isabel Coixet, winner of several Goya. It’s not Mortimer’s first series, as in 2014 she premiered “Doll &Em,” starring herself. In “On the Hunt for Love,” Mortimer tells the story of Linda and Fanny, two friends who want to break the established rules of the ’20s. “Impulsive and maverick, Linda does not stop looking for the perfect romance, while Fanny, more prudent and thoughtful, aspires to a more solid, conventional and realistic relationship. Both are witnesses and protagonists of how their lives take different paths as each seeks ultimate love,” the platform describes.

Lucy Boynton and
Kit Harington
on “Modern Love”. l-emv

Filmin arrives on August 3rd the Danish series “Así es mi vida”, full of intrigue and secrets framed in the summer months. “Vitus, 27, is stuck in a routine and usually lost in life until he meets Emma. She is everything he is not. She is optimistic, adventurous and follows her impulses. The two begin to see each other, but Vitus omits the small detail that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and has decided to keep the baby, against her will. As their relationship evolves, it turns out that Emma keeps a much bigger secret.”

On the other hand, Netflix has prepared us a few returns. “Control Z”, the Mexican series about the internet and its social impact in a private school, premieres its second season on August 4 and “Valeria” returns on August 13 with its second installment. Undoubtedly, the production created by the Valencian writer Elísabet Benavent is the most awaited by the general public. During the second season, Valeria will have to face a decision that could mark her future as a writer: hide behind a pseudonym and finally live off her profession or give up the publication of her novel and continue to squeeze the inexhaustible world of junk contracts. All this while her sentimental life continues to falter but she continues to have the support of her three friends, who will also go through different situations that will change their lives forever.

The new Disney+ series with Selena Gomez.

Netflix also premieres “Clickbait” on August 25. The platform describes it as “eight different points of view provide clues as to who is responsible for a brutal crime fueled by social media.” It stars Mexican-born actor Adrian Grenier, one of the protagonists of the series “Entourage”.

The platform will also release “The Director,” the new series from “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff and D.B. Weis, which is their first job for Netflix. It stars Sandra Oh, known for her roles in “Gray’s Anatomy” and “Killing Eve”. The series introduces us to the story of Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, who has just been appointed Director of the English department of a prestigious university. As if that were not enough, the suspicion aroused by being the first woman to head the department, the director will have to deal with a crisis in which a professor seems to be involved.

On HBO, only the returns stand out. The platform premieres the second season of “Stargirl” and the third season of “Britannia,” the production that chronicles the Romans’ conquest of Britain, an inhospitable and pagan island where druids dominate society and its rulers.

The second installment of ‘Valeria’.

Thanks to Movistar + we will see several interesting returns. On the one hand, the Spanish network will include in its catalog the second part of the fifth season of “Riverdale”, as well as the second season of “Everything will go well”, the successful series that everyone talks about. “Nicholas is a 25-year-old neurotic who visits his single father and his two stepsisters, one of whom is autistic. Although he has never been very present in their lives, the news that his father is terminally ill presents to all of them a new reality: Nicholas will have to take care of them, proving to be the mature person everyone expects him to be.”

On Amazon Prime we can see the second season of “Modern Love”, the series that hosted great Hollywood stars such as Anne Hathaway in its first installment. This time, it will be the turn of well-known British actors. In fact, the teaser stars Lucy Boynton, the actress who has rose to fame for co-starring in the Fredd biopic.ie Mercury, and Kit Harington, Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones.”

Amazon will also host one of the most anticipated premieres of the month, “Nine Perfect Strangers,” starring Nicole Kidman, who plays a guru. “Nine Australians, at different times in their lives, attend a costly 10-day ‘total transformation of mind and body retreat’ at a place called Tranquillum House, run by a mysterious Russian woman named Masha.”

As far as Disney+ is concerned, it will premiere at the end of the month the mystery comedy “Only Murders in the Building”, starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, Martin Short. They embody three fans of “true crime”, the fashionable audiovisual and literary genre that tells stories of real Asynatos in great detail. What they don’t expect is that their hobby will end up being their own trap.

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