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The most anticipated SF of the year with Tom Hanks has a new trailer: when “Finch” appears

Apple offered a trailer for the SF “Finch” with Tom Hanks at its recent iPhone 13 launch event.

The trailer sets the stage for the next story. A solar flare destroyed most of the technology on Earth and left much of the United States a huge wasteland.

Hanks’ character, “Finch,” survives in an underground shelter with his only companion, a dog named Goodyear. That is until he builds a new Android companion. The three finally leave their house, when it becomes threatened by the sandstorms that dominate the world.

Watch the trailer for Finch below

Like “Greyhound”, Apple bought “Finch” for Apple TV + when the movie was delayed due to the pandemic.

Apple has announced a release date for the second of two Tom Hanks movies it purchased during the pandemic. “Finch”, a futuristic story about an inventor and his canine and robotic friends, arrives on Apple TV + on November 5th.

Like Hanks’ war film, “Greyhound,” the film became a victim of the pandemic, surrounded by delays in the release date, until Apple bought it from Universal. The robot is played by Caleb Landry Jones, recent winner at Cannes as best actor.

Hanks plays the main character, a sick robotics engineer who emerges from his underground self-exile to travel to an American wilderness. Throughout his journey, next to him are his dog, Goodyear, and an android named Jeff. Together they form a dysfunctional family, but can they learn to understand each other? I think we’ll have to wait until November to find out.

The SF film is directed by Emmy Award-winning “Game of Thrones,” Miguel Sapochnik, with “Alien” writer Ivor Powell, and newcomer Craig Luck as screenwriters. Director Robert Zemeckis is also the executive producer of the film.

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