the most beautiful to 9.98 euros, the new offering


GameStopZing launches a new promotion for the summer focuses on the Funko Pop! offering more than 500 different models at the price of 9.98 euros, offer valid on a selection of figures with the cost price up to 20 euro.

The selection is vast and can be displayed entirely on the site of GameStopby specifying how some of the Funko Pop! they are only available online with home delivery while others can be purchased also with the withdrawal in the nearest store under each product you will find clear indications in this regard.

But what are the Funko Pop! sold at 9.98 euros? Among the many we mention a Wild Card in the Diamond (Fortnite), Dobby snapped his Fingers (Harry Potter), Deadpool Two Swords Bobblehead, Frozen Raven (Fortnite), Drift (Fortnite), Thanos With Gauntlet Of Infinity Consumed (Marvel), Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, Captain America Mjolnir & Shield Broken (Marvel), Robin (Stranger Things), Hulkbuster Bobblehead (Infinity War), Steve (Minecraft) and Loot Llama (Fortnite). Also the exhibitor for Funko Pop! Glowbox multi-color LED may be purchased only 9.98 euros, a real must-have accessory to expose and exploit in the best possible ways to their collection.

The promotion is valid until the first of July 2020 while stocks last and availability of individual products, hurry up so if you want to be sure you are buying the most rare and exclusive at an incredible price!

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