The most commonly used fake aesthetic tricks in China

the concept of beauty Throughout human history, it has been conditioned by sociocultural factors, so we have found differences between ethnic groups for thousands of years. We can reflect this with a very clear and current example: In the West, tanned skin is aesthetic, but in many Asian countries, such as China, sun exposure is avoided in order to maintain a light complexion.

This is not the only difference between Chinese aesthetic trends and Western aesthetic trends.this is how Teresa TiktokBorn in Beijing, her channel “Tea with Teresa” (@unteconteresa), hoping to bring us closer to the charm and cultural elements of the motherland through social networks. This time she surprised us with a short video in which she explains some of the beauty techniques used in China to modify body parts.

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The most amazing aesthetic tricks from China

The content creator explained that these body modification techniques are mainly used by girls, but he wanted to point out that “not all Chinese people do it” and that “many insist on natural beauty”.Currently, his TikTok has gone viral More than 1.2 million copies.Not for less, as it reveals some Skill There are so many simple things we can’t imagine:

– belly button: There are some fake belly buttons made with stickers that can be bought at very cheap prices in online stores. You simply apply it to your skin and press with a little water for 10 seconds to get a second navel…or as many as you like! As the TikTok user explained, in China it is often used to make certain clothes appear waist-higher.For example, when a girl wears top This leaves the gut exposed. This alternative also visually elongates the legs.

– V face: It consists of a long strip of scotch tape that is placed from the chin up and holds the other end near the ear. With this invention,“Double chin, wide chin disappears in an instant”, is a much cheaper option than plastic surgery, and it is also zero-invasive. A V-shaped face, also known as a heart-shaped face, is a Chinese standard of beauty.

– ear: For those whose ears are too protruding and look small from the front, stickers can be attached to the back of the ears to form what are called “wind catchers” in China. In this way, open ears or pointed ears can be corrected.

– nose: Again with stickers to achieve the effect, people using this technique insert silicone stickers into the nostrils, bringing the tip of the nose forward and creating a higher bridge of the nose. These strips achieve the same results as rhinoplasty.

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