The most famous Italian rap sayings remind us of the power of words

Insults in rhyme are nothing new. Disagreement is common in the hip hop world, but it also works in the pop world, especially overseas, especially in matters of love. Starting with the most famous and unfortunately tragic disagreement in history that ended with the death of both heroes Tupac And hugeto an endless list of characters brought up by eminemLove stories also become attacks in America: from shakira who takes it out on the former pike, a Miley Cyrus who released “Flower” on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, there are several songs that have sent clear messages with hard feelings over the years. Frustration or just dislike, if you want to malign a colleague or send him something to say, rhyming attacks are a favorite practice even in our country. The word dishing first appears in “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”, a song by LL Cool J, and literally means “disgrace”.,

we’ve seen these days in the quiz of Luche and BhajanAlways in competition. we saw it a few days ago marrakech to diss fedes In Drillionaire’s new single “Yalla”. This is a common practice that has been going on since forever. And it’s always been a show for listeners who arm themselves with popcorn and commentary in the age of social. They are venomous exchanges whose purpose is to hurt the opponent. Musical battles that sometimes last a single poem or stanza, others go on for years. We’ve selected five heroes of Italian dicing, starting with the singer who has a habit of attacking his colleagues with his music.

Fabri Fibra vs All

He has been doing this since the beginning of his career in the early 2000s. Fibra, the undisputed king of rhyming insults, has attacked allies of change of every generation, from Piota to Pina, to Elisa, Tiromanceino, Piero, at the beginning of everything. Pelu. He has insulted entertainers and busy rappers like 99 Posse. But his most famous disagreement is certainly against Tormento, a member of Sottotono: «I do not live at this time. I don’t talk like a gay, like fuck torture”, But also with Jay-X’s brother Grido or rapper Inoki, until Fedez, answering his “poison for rats” in the song “El rap in my country”: «Couldn’t believe it. Those who listen to me look at each other again. I hate the bullshit rappers who produce them and those who follow them. 10 in communication. I never use English. Now I make an exception: Fuck the Fedez»,

Marrakech and Fédez

They never fell in love with each other and in 2017 they gave a show to watch on the big screen. Marra along with Guay release statement against Fedez and his album Communist with Rolex Paired with J-X. Frakiatine, Attacks, his album is released in 2021 we, they, others And the sentences are scattered, but it is in the song “Cosplayer”, which the title already suggests the attack, that the lunge comes: «From the white patriot, he does his best for us on social networks. but really he’s as patriot as shit boys, And these days the latest discovery is in the song “Yalla” by Drilionaire in which Marra also quotes Luis Sal: «He gave me the Tenko Award. Bro, they regret it afterwards (haha). Tell mother, tell lawyer. That Marra is back, that Marra is angry.

Fedez and Luis Sal

Even Fedez has always used his lyrics to attack people he doesn’t like. He is angry with politicians, with colleagues, above all with Salmo, in a question and answer that lasted for years, with which, however, last summer he made a deal with the studio to publish “Viola” as a symbol of “peace made”. I entered. Years of clashes with Marrakesh, with Guay, a feud with Jay-X with whom he now sings again, but also the clicks and curiosity-generating disagreements with partner Luis Sal, belong to this period. There are no songs here, but unforgettable stories and videos, questions and answers on social media that continue in court.

Guay and Rondo da Sousa

Names and mannerisms that are repeated, Guay kept it to Fedez and never sent them to say over the years, but the most recent history is the friendship that would dissapear with Tony Efe in the song “Prefixes” from the last album. Is. mother of pearl, complete with Trapper’s response. And then the bar for Rondo da Sousa in the song “Wague”:You’re fake, you’re soft like your airsoft. And you don’t pull that trigger, you’re not bloodied or disfigured. and you can only do a stupid ballet,

Beba and Chadia Rodriguez

It is not just a man’s game. Women also attack in rap. Just think of the battles between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B or Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Beba and Chadia are no different. They have never named names directly, but the two’s freestyles indicate a strong mutual dislike, although fans continue to anticipate their collaboration.

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