The most recommended vaccines for traveling outside Europe

When planning a holiday abroad, looking for transportation, accommodation or how to spend your free time, It’s also important to know whether you need vaccines to enjoy your destination Don’t worry about your health.

Every trip is different, and so are the people traveling, and you have to consider other variables such as the exact location of your destination, how long you’ll be staying, the time of year you’re traveling, and even the activities you’ll be traveling for .

According to the Ministry of Health, the first thing to do is View the vaccination calendar of the Junta de Andalusia to check if it is up to dateand Make an Appointment at an International Vaccination Center Receive appropriate advice on vaccinations and other aspects accordingly such as self-protection measures, prevention of bites, dietary hygiene, basic first aid kit, medicines to prevent malaria or malaria, etc.

Regarding destinations, the Ministry of Health publishes information on health status by country on its website. Just enter and search for where you want to go.There, in addition to the basic concepts of the state, the ministry also reported What are the mandatory and recommended vaccines?.

What is the difference between mandatory and recommended vaccines? It is mandatory that the destination country itself requires entry. With them, a certificate is issued, without which you will not be able to cross the borders of the territory. Recommendations are recommendations to avoid the risk of contracting diseases that occur in the destination country.

Mandatory vaccinations are usually against yellow fever and meningococcal meningitis, and in general, vaccinations against cholera, Central European encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid, hepatitis A, rabies and tuberculosis are usually recommended, according to the Ministry of Health website.

How long does it take to get vaccinated?

The usual recommendation is to get vaccinated one month before traveling. The reason is because some guidelines require multiple doses or may cause reactions, and it is best to come while we are still in Spain rather than on the road or already at our destination.

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