The most TOP high-end Motorola of 2022 arrives with Note-style Stylus

We have already spoken several times about the new Motorola Edge 30 or Motorola X30 in China. This device was presented a few weeks ago in the Asian country and it is a matter of time before it reaches the West. Today we know that it will have support for a very interesting accessory that will make it a top of the range TOP even more attractive. It’s about a Stylus advanced with which power interact on screen more precisely. Of course, not everything is good news.

The Motorola Edge 30 comes with a Stylus, but it’s not included

Motorola wants to use the absence of the Galaxy Note to cover part of the market that they have left empty. This will be achieved by launching a Stylus or S-Pen for him edge 30, its new high-end that will compete with the Galaxy S22 or the Xiaomi 12.

The “bad” news is that it will be compatible with this new accessory and won’t take it inside. If you want to have it you will have to go through the box and store it somewhere. The good news is that Motorola is developing a sheath to do it.

The cover will have smart features and will know when you’ve taken the Stylus from its storage location. It is not the perfect situation, but it is a possibility that many users may want in this device.

If Motorola can get the Stylus to have features, difference between pressures and extra utilities Motorola could have many users in the boat. The bad thing about all this is that not included, so many will reject the possibility of acquiring it.

The Motorola Ede 30 It will arrive in the West sometime in Q1 2022 and, most likely, it will do so with the Stylus as main accessory. We will have to wait to know the price of the device, the functions of this touch pen and the prices of the case together with the Stylus.


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