The Mother: Movie Review with Jennifer Lopez

It is increasingly said of a film, sometimes even to the detriment of the originality of the analysis, that it “seems to be made with an algorithm”, indicating a product built on the drawing board according to award-winning rules. For Hollywood Screenwriter, a flat and slippery stuff who ticks off all the important boxes and while doing so forgets that he has a personality. This is one of our favorite linguistic shortcuts that we writers about cinema understand, and with good reason! Nothing dampens the excitement of a potential viewer more than reading the words”algorithmic film”, so using them can save you hundreds of other people who will only end up having to explain the concept again for the umpteenth time. maybe the solution is to write Definitive Algorithm Review And every algorithm is applicable to film? It’s an interesting creative challenge, even though I’m not sure it brings the necessary clicks. although it is certainly more interesting MotherA film which, alas, I cannot even define algorithmically, and which I have to tell you about.

i wish i could tell you Mother This is a movie that looks like it was written by an algorithm And let’s close it there, and fill in the rest of the review with a sequel to The Morning Has Gold in His Mouth (it seems like quoting Kubrick is going great this year). it would mean at least Mother It’s a predictable film, already viewed and executed with stiffness and without any creative flair: something not watchable from a philosophical point of view, but actually watchable by its very nature, “to see Designed to do as little damage as possible, which is still better than sucking up.” Or maybe not? I say doing nothing is better than sucking up. Isn’t a movie that’s terrible in its intentions and execution better than one that’s spotty? Of course it’s better if we make it a matter of principle But then movies should be watched too, and so should I Mother I had to see it. Don’t do it

The Mother L to R Joseph Fiennes as Adrian, Jennifer Lopez as the mother in The Mother CR Ana CarbonellNetflix © 2023


It seems like this is one of those movies that Liam Neeson has been assigned in recent years when you see him in a good mood and he says yes to any offer, or when you see him in a bad mood and he just also says yes because he wants to take a jacuzzi again and he doesn’t feel like it. to save. a classic trash can movie, it thinks it is Mother, But Trash Can movies are often frivolous, already seen, built on clichés, but often made with application and rigor by people who recognize the value of these clichés, who know that if some things have been made a certain way for decades and in hundreds of movies it’s because they work better than other stuff, are they trivial? Have they already seen it? At least they are standing. may the great old men electrocute me here in my chair if Mother standing.

this is a a silly story of kidnapping and revenge But also of building rapport between mother and daughter and building a hitherto non-existent relationship and blah blah blah. It works like this: Jennifer Lopez It’s Liam Neeson with a uterus. He’s an ex-Special Forces soldier, I think whoever they are, who ended up as a mercenary and became a negotiator in a black-market arms deal – a very ugly figure, and very dangerous, but because she has a uterus she’s also a Femme fatale, Do you think she got along with both the first and the second when she was working on a deal between an arms dealer and an ex-serviceman! Jennifer Lopez is a truly bad girl who, in addition to kicking ass and committing international crimes, also finds time to be a woman, a mother, a Christian, and pregnant. Whose? Who knows! The father is one of those two criminals, but the point is of relative interest (for us and for the film).

Mother Lucy Pease as Zoey in Mother Cry Eric MilnerNetflix ©2023


This is one of the many things the film is relatively interested in, for example being “included”, “not forgetting the characters along the way” and also “having an identity”. after learning that her two lovers are disgraced people, poor Mother (poor because they don’t even bother to tell us her name, she’s only characterized as being a carrier of the uterus) decides to become aInformant for the FBI, and to give up all parental rights over the daughter, who is sent to be raised in an adoptive family. Mother, on the other hand, has moved to Alaska, where twelve years later she still lives in seclusion in the woods and snow, assing the local fauna. But one day her old friend Agent Delfebia calls her to order. The little girl’s two very evil potential fathers are on her trail, and want to kidnap her and use her as a uterus, thus forcing the mother to come out of her hiding place. the revenge! Terrible revenge!

Obviously the mother doesn’t let herself be asked, and here’s where things get complicated: for twenty/thirty minutes Mother he stumbles upon his own thoughts And on the projected narrative requirements that no one sees except the three writers of the screenplay – THREE! There were three of them, which makes me think that this mess has been written and rewritten many times until it has lost all semblance of form. Zoe, that’s the name of the poor girl at the center of this triangle of passion, revenge and random things, is kidnapped and then released two, maybe three times during the first forty-five minutes of the film, and each time it It is not clear what plan, reason, proportion this is. On the other hand, we don’t even understand who the father is, or why we should be interested in him: it’s clear that all these stumbles, these detours that take precious time from a film that reaches its two-hour running time are never worth it. Despite not being qualified, there are obstacles in what should be the true heart of the work, this is the tedious repair relationship between absentee mother and daughter raised in blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

The Mother L to R Lucy Pez as Zoe, Jennifer Lopez as Mother in The Mother cr Ana CarballosNetflix © 2023


do you know what happens at some point Mother, That mother takes daughter to her cabin in Alaska and teaches him about life, it’s like a montage training eighties but with Relation Mother/daughter made of simple yet loving acts like killing an innocent deer or killing a family of wolves. Within minutes we watch this helpless little creature become a master killer, only to be kicked back by an unloving mother who doesn’t want to see him engage in a dangerous gunfight with some very bad men. there is no argument In the way of rapport between mother and daughter, there isn’t even that binary and oversimplified logic usually found in famous “algorithmic movies”. the point is an algorithm will never write like a movie Mother, because the joke is that algorithms write trivial and predictable things, not the kind of mess that will make you fail the Screenwriting 1 exam in the Hollywood Screenwriting Course. The algorithm is not stupid: it’s an idiot, it’s lazy, it’s frivolous, it gets by with less than minimum wage, but it cares about its work, it will never churn things out like that because Time to make us good humans pay in such a way that you have someone real to blame.

Why not, Mother it’s not even an algorithmic movie, Or, who knows, the algorithm became sensitive and intentionally broke the writing of Mother, and what we see is not a thriller without rhythm and without interest, but the result of the first real self-aware gesture of an artificial intelligence, the beginning of the Singularity, Zero Day that will quickly lead us to the Matrix. That would be more interesting than the truth. can you believe there are two turbovillians Gael Garcia Bernal And Joseph FiennesMeans two such who were once considered not only actors but at least actors? It’s hard to decide which of the two is more bored, maybe this could be turned into a drinking game? A vodka sizzles every time one of the two cashiers cracks a joke with gusto, who at 18:57 finds himself in front of the classic genius whose penchant for making good and slightly misplaced jokes to cover his infinite sadness There is a lot of desire. Existence


Eric Milner / Netflix

After that, hey!, at least Jennifer Lopez It bangs a lot, probably the only one in the whole project. Don’t know what came in her mind, don’t know what she saw in this story of becoming a mother. gun worship and the planting of bullets in the body of a living being. the fact that he lives Mother With the seriousness and application of those who really want to get that new Jacuzzi fit. And that’s really the only good thing that can be said about this film.

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