The mother of Sommer Ray is more spectacular than the daughter: Look at the picture!


Sometimes you kill to work in order to get a place in this for the fame, and then comes the familyand for it to be ‘sister’, ‘daughter’ or ‘mother of’ have it all infinitely easier.

The same thing Sommer Ray what you think after you have spent half a lifetime nurture your body based exercise and fitness so that then gets to your mother and be known to the first change, what a luck!!!!

Shanon Ray passed the age of fifty but looks andn place of look like the mother of Sommer could pass for your sister without any kind of doubt.

Bodies similar carved in the base of the routines more terrible, hours of gym and a lot of pose, so work to be a mother and daughter, although the most well-known is the second.

The model fitness the best paid in the world can boast of mother although it is true that both have a figure worthy of praise.

But if any one thinks that of Sommer and mother is a thing of the nature and geneticsnothing more far from reality.

Shanon spends so much time exercising as Sommer, and like your daughter has been has become a assiduous social networks where he shares with his followers so you can workout as photographs that leave everything of yours to the view.

And, as their own, going to family and bodies, Shanon knows that post a video where you share moments of gym with Sommer is the most. If you see in a gym without knowing the relationship we would have our doubts about who we like more.

Although, if one takes into account the age differencethe mother of Sommer wins by a landslide the model fitnessissue of age, nothing more.

Don’t bother Sommer, when it comes to the age of your mother we will be able to choose it.