The moving gesture of a woman with a young man who sold her a lottery ticket

What would you do if you won the lottery? It is a question that millions of people ask themselves but that very few can answer. Some will prefer to buy a house or a car, others pay off pending debts, many will travel to see the world but, surely, very few follow in the footsteps of this woman who won the hearts of a hundred Internet users.

It all started when the 86-year-old American woman’s granddaughter, Marion Forrest, accompanied her grandmother to do the weekly shopping for her home. the middle american Good News Movement reconstructed history and, according to his report, When they both went to pay for the food, the local employee named Walter offered them a lottery ticket.

At first, Marion assured that her grandmother did not want to buy it, but after the insistence and kindness of the seller, she bought it. However, before leaving with their purchases, The woman promised the cashier that if she won the prize, it could be up to 500 thousand dollars.I would share it with him.

Very few lucky people make it. And one of them was Marion’s grandmother. A week after buying the ticket from Walter, the woman returned to the store and her granddaughter decided to record the images that went viral and added millions of views on social networks.

An older woman wins the lottery and shares the prize with the ticket seller

As can be seen in the video, the 86-year-old grandmother entered the store with some striking colored balloons in different shapes, and slowly approached the box to talk to the seller. Upon arrival, he greeted the clerk, handed him an envelope, and gave him the unexpected news. Incredulous and without understanding what was happening, He stared at her until the lady explained that they had won part of the prize and, as promised, returned to give her what was due.

“I won, incredible”, the lady told him enthusiastically.. In this way, Marion and her grandmother, they gave him half of the $300 they won in the lottery. Understanding what had happened, Walter hugged the lady and thanked her profusely to the applause of other customers who were in the room.

After the emotional moment, the man expressed: “I can’t believe it, I really thank you very much, it wasn’t necessary”. And without hesitation, the woman concluded by looking at the camera: “I tell you that this man he is the most honest and sweetest boy in the world”.

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