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The moving story of the cat David Dastmalchian adopted on the set of The Suicide Squad

It is true that The Suicide Squad – 91% did not manage to exceed their grossing expectations on its opening weekend, but despite this, its popularity has remained afloat thanks to the good comments it has received from both the cast and the direction and script of James Gunn. Something that has stood out in this new version, which at the same time has been sold as a sequel to David Ayer’s film, is the large number of comic book characters that were present apart from the protagonists.

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Gunn knew how to exploit – as funny as it sounds – the R classification and the tone of each of his characters, giving them a heroic touch without forgetting that they are villains, or at least they committed some crime that led them to be imprisoned. Each role is completely different from one another, and the story takes the time to give an important place to all. One of the favorites was David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man who, despite looking the most pathetic of all, the audience has a chance to understand why he is so depressed.

What gave a man such a particular touch that his superpower is to throw colored polka dots, is the visibility of his psyche when demonstrating, as is, that he is chased all the time by the figure of his mother, who was obsessed with making his superhero children, some of whom did not survive. In the last week Dastmalchian has attracted attention on social networks for a series of photographs that he shared a couple of months ago, but that barely went viral, of Polka-Dot Cat, his cat disguised as the character he played.

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During a conversation with Vulture, the actor who has also had a path in the MCU in films like Ant-Man: Ant Man – 81% talked about their history with this charismatic cat who has done nothing but steal hearts. According to the words of the interpreter, the kitten was related to the production of the film, and it is that every day he appeared on the set until he fell in love and adopted him. It is worth mentioning that at that time he was looking for a new feline companion after the loss of his kitten Amelie.

I was in Panama and this amazing and beautiful cat kept coming on set, wanting to be stroked and scratched. I was very hungry and [estaba] wound. And I fell in love and now it’s mine. Well, she’s not mine, I’m hers. And when my mother died, the cat knew when to sit on my lap and purr, and she knew when she needed to be left alone. My kids are incredibly rambunctious and I love them to death, but my goodness, they had so much energy to expel during the confinement. And the cat was so patient with them, and played to chase them. And she comes when you call her. It was amazing … She’s never been a ‘fuck you’ cat [se refiere a huraƱo]. I loved Amelie, but she was the most ‘fuck you’ cat I’ve ever had. If someone approached her, she would say, ‘Don’t even think about it. But not Bubblegum.

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The full name of the feline is Abner Bubblegum Polka-Dot Cat, and she has become the best companion for the actor who, according to his own words, prefers to leave her at home so that she is calmer without exposing her to the stress of travel. intercontinental, which is actually more difficult for him because of how much he misses her. This, of course, has further elevated the popularity of his character.

Finally, James Gunn He previously explained why he cast Polka-Dot Man as one of the main characters and how he put a twist on something that was unpopular even in the comics. According to the director, the human meta named Abner Krill was a sad and pathetic character who found a great opportunity by explaining to the viewer that he is a man who is depressed because people think he is stupid. Until he himself understands what its value is.

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