The much-awaited film has already sparked controversy on social media. That’s the reason

A few days ago screenwriter Craig Mazinfamous for the HBO series Chernobyl AND Last of usrevealed his participation in the next chapter Pirates of the Caribbean: The script for the sixth film is already ready and there too green light for filming from Disney. Therefore, the directors are waiting for the end of the actors’ strike to finally begin work.

News that has longtime fans of the franchise excited, but also caused quite a bit of controversy online. As expected, the criticism revolves around the lack of (or better yet, questionable at the moment) Johnny Depp’s return like a captain Jack Sparrow.

His professional relationship with Disney had been compromised for some time, but the actor recently returned to work with Jeanne du Barry – the king’s favoritewould be willing to negotiate to return to playing the legendary character Pirates of the Caribbean. Same Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios, spoke in possible terms about his return. But for now, everything is calm on this front.

Fans who started a hashtag on X (formerly Twitter) help Johnny. #NoJohnnyNoPiratesthreatening to boycott the next film Pirates of the Caribbean unless Depp is reinstated to the cast. Among the comments we find, for example: “Give us back Captain Jack Sparrow, otherwise we won’t go to the movies,” “They say that Johnny is not loved, but his name is always trending on social networks” or again “Pirates of the Caribbean is nothing without Johnny Depp.”

While awaiting Disney’s next move in this regard, Mazin revealed exciting news about the tone of the script for the sixth film, co-written by Disney. Ted Elliottscreenwriter of the first four chapters Pirates of the Caribbean. “We pitched our idea to Disney thinking: “They will never accept this, it’s too strange.”. And yet they did it!”He said. “And then Ted wrote a fantastic script. But now there is a strike and we are all waiting

What do you think? Are you also hoping for Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow?

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