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Taylor Swift is considered to be, first and foremost, a songwriter. “It is the most sacred part of my life,” he said in an interview. “This is my favorite part of the job.”

In the course of her career, She has been recognized as a writer of all the parties, including the department of agriculture, where 4 out of the 35 nomination of her career for ” the song of the year. But Loverthe composition, which was shown at the ceremony of the Grammy awards, on Sunday, the 26th day of January, one of four nominations in total, for the Swift, this year), the situation is different: as opposed to her nomination earlier in the class-You Belong With Me”, the Blank Space and Shake It Off– Swift, the only author of the song of the same title for their next album one of the most successful releases of 2019.

“It means a lot, because it’s an award for the songwriters,” he explained during a FaceTime call-for Diary of a Song, a video series from the New York Times, which explores how the pop music of today. “In fact, I would like for this music to be recognized more than a lot of other things that I’ve done.” Although the song of Swift’s is based firmly in the sounds of contemporary pop on her last three albums with a Lover-Taylor is back on the sound is similar, with guitars, bass, live and in is a battery with a brush dipped in a reverb, it looks like they used to be.

Where were you when you did not have your inspiration from?

It was in the mid-south. I got out of bed (yes, I know that it was already too late in the evening, I went up to the piano and sat down to write it. Of course, you want people to think that you work very hard, but I felt like the song was written by myself.

You will always have the tools close to your bed in case you come up with the inspiration?

As it is, I have always had a piano around me, and I always have a guitar to it, then the answer is a resounding yes.

When you got out of bed, what were you thinking?

It was the words: “Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close?” (I can go to, where do you go? You can be really close all the time?) and it all came naturally after that. Wish that the chorus was made up of those questions in life that we make when we are in love with. You ask someone: “Can I go over to where you want to go?”, this is something that a lot too. “We can be really close all the time?”, this is a question full of fear, and love. I had been talking with Jack Antonoff (a collaborator of Swift’s for some time now, the producers of the Lover about what I wanted the record to have the songs really are timeless. I thought to myself, and Jack, playing in a band, for weddings, back in the seventies. I was inspired to this kind of vision, when I was in a photo album.

Also, I wanted to play with the idea that something as mundane as deciding to be with another person, the rules of the home. When the young adult goes to live with his family, to share your life with someone is something that is very profound. There are a couple of years ago, and I just wanted to say it in a song.

How did you decide to go with the music from the piano to the acoustic guitar as the main instrument?

I thought that the piano would be too obvious, get a song, a very romantic and would treat it in such a way that the stoic and sincere. I wanted to make some changes to the style, and that might not be so obvious.

The avanzaste in the composition of the music for this evening in los angeles?

The I’ve finished all of them. You played the melody on the piano, and Jack immediately knew what the vibe of the song, and the one that I want in the relationship to production: for a moment, everlasting and ethereal, between the two people. I just wanted to show you that, in my mind, this team is on the dance floor until the very end, at three in the morning, and, moving to the beat of the music. I wanted to have the music that I listened to at the time.

‘Miss America’ on Netflix

The production is directed by the Wool and Wilson (After Tiller, The new Departure, and it shows in the professional and personal lives of the artist’s north american debut at the Sundance film festival in Utah, in the United States of america, on the 23rd day of January, and made his debut on the platform, Netflix is Friday, the 30th of the same month all over the world.

“When we first met I can remember I have thrilled at the fact that she doesn’t like to make a documentary in the traditional pop star. Taylor, I knew that I was in the middle of a very important part of his life, coming out of a very dark, and I had been working on something that, to grasp what was happening, what it was gross to be honest and emotionally intimate,” Wilson said to the daily Variety.

“At a time when Taylor told me that she didn’t like the documentary it is advertising, and I’m thrilled to hear it. In my work I take the stories that are often presented by means of fragments of sound, and the holders, and I will share with you the depth and level of complexity. My goal is to always be the one to reveal it to mankind, which is lower than the over-simplification. And the creative forces, female is one of the things that the others try to minimize it”.

In addition to his work as a singer-songwriter, the film deals with the struggle of a Swift counter an eating disorder, I was diagnosed with cancer of her mother, and the trial of the sexual abuse that he faced in the fall of 2017. Along with the documentary, the lead singer from 30 years ago made a new song Only The Youngthat you hear at the credits end.