The Nasdaq 100 opened lower after falling 0.63% on August 11

Markets have continued to be volatile this year. (database)

unfavorable meeting Nasdaq 100 Indexstarting Friday, August 11, with a slight drop 0.63%until 15,033.98 points, after the opening ceremony began. If we compare this value with the past days, Nasdaq 100 Index Reversing results from the previous session, when it gained 1.12%, it has failed to establish a clear trend recently.

In the past 7 days, Nasdaq 100 Index Cumulative decline 1.58%; On the other hand, growth continued last year. 12.38%.he Nasdaq 100 Index lie in 5.1% Below year-to-date high (15,841.35) 39.97% Higher than the lowest price of the year (10,741.22 points).

a stock index It is an indicator that shows how the value of a group of assets is it collects data from different companies or market fragmented sectors.

These indicators are mainly used by national stock exchanges and Each of these can be integrated by companies with specific requirements For example, have similar market capitalization or belong to the same industry. Additionally, some indices consider only a handful of stocks to determine their value, or others consider hundreds of stocks.

stock market index as Indicators of stock market confidence, business confidence, national and global economic health, and stock investment performance and a company’s stock. If investors lack confidence, stock prices tend to fall.

Again, their function is to measure Asset manager performance and allows investors to analyze returns versus risk; measure financial asset opportunities or create investment portfolios.

Such indicators began to be used at the end of the 19th century. Journalist Charles H. Dow. Carefully analyzing how company stock prices rose or fell together, he created two indexes: one containing the 20 most important railroad companies (because this was the most important industry at the time), and 12 other types of stock companies.

At present, humans have various indicators and They can be correlated based on geography, industry, company size or asset typeFor example, the US Nasdaq index consists of the 100 largest companies primarily related to technology, such as Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB), Alphabet (GOOG), Tesla ( TSLA), Nvidia (NVDA), PayPal (PYPL), Comcast (CMCSA), Adobe (ADBE).

Each stock index has its own calculation method, but the main factor is the market capitalization of each company that makes up it. This is calculated by multiplying the security’s value for that day on the corresponding stock market by the total number of shares held by investors.

Companies listed on the stock market must Show balance its composition. The report must be made public every three to six months, as appropriate.

Reading a stock index also requires considering its changes over time. The current index always starts with a fixed value based on the security price on your start date, but not everyone follows this approach. Therefore, it may cause failure.

If one index rises 500 points in a day and the other rises only 20 points, the first index may perform better. However, if the first stock opened that day at 30,000 points and the other stock opened at 300 points, it can be inferred that the second stock’s gain was considerable in percentage terms.

exist. .between Major U.S. stock indexes There’s the Dow Jones Industrial Average, better known as Dow Jones, composed of 30 companies. in addition, S&P 500 Index, which includes the 500 largest companies on the New York Stock Exchange.finally come Nasdaq 100 Indexwhich unites the 100 largest non-financial companies.

On the other hand, the most striking index Europe yes European Stoke 50, covering the 50 most important companies in the euro area. on the other hand, German DAX 30 IndexGermany’s main index, containing the best companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; this FTSE 100 from the London Stock Exchange; he CAC 40 from the Paris Stock Exchange; and Ibex 35from the Spanish stock market.

exist Asiathe major stock indexes are Nikkei 225 Index, consisting of the 225 largest companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.besides Shanghai Composite Index, considered a major company in China, consists of the most prominent companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.played the same role Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong and Korea Composite Index in Korea.

talk Latin America,You have consumer price indexwhich contains The 35 companies with the strongest comprehensive strength on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). At least a third of it is part of the estate of tycoon Carlos Slim.

the other is bovespacomposed of the 50 most important companies on the São Paulo Stock Exchange; he Melval from Argentina; he IPSA from Chile; he MSCI Cole CAP from Colombia; he Intermediate bulk containers in Caracas, consisting of 6 Venezuelan companies.

Finally, there are other types of global equity indices, such as MSCI Latin Americawhich includes 137 of the most important companies in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Likewise, there are MSCI Worldwhich includes 1,600 companies from 23 developed countries; he MSCI Emerging Marketscomprised of more than 800 companies from developing countries; and S&P Global 100composed of the world’s 100 most powerful multinational companies.

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