The National Archaeological Museum of Volcea in Buccino, dedicated to Marcello Gigante, closes – Gazzetta di Salerno

The Volchei National Archaeological Museum in Buccino has closed its doors. The closure of this area during a period of high tourist flow is clearly punishable. The decision sought by the Office of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Salerno and Avellino was considered necessary due to the lack of maintenance by the municipality of Buccino, which, despite numerous requests, did not fulfill the obligations established by the assignment agreement.

The structure contains over 5,000 finds from the Tanagro area, including a golden tomb, vases signed by the ceramist Asteas, including a crater depicting the abduction of Cassandra. Buccino misses this opportunity, unfortunately it will not be possible to visit one of the southern caskets, which contains more than 5,000 artifacts from the Tanagro region, including the famous golden tomb, as well as vases signed by the ceramist Asteas from Paestum, including a crater depicting the abduction of Cassandra, the importance of which is known to both specialists and non-specialists. The closure of the Volcei Museum was ordered by the new director of the museum, as well as Sabapa’s contact person in the Sa-Av area, Dr. Lorenzo Mancini, who delegated the former official, Dr. Adele Laghi, in the presence of Pro Loco di Buccino Volcei Aps President Luisa Gaimari, Deputy Mayor Antonella Trimarco and Cultural Adviser Anna Ferrara. A solution that has become necessary due to the lack of maintenance, which has been repeatedly reported in recent months to the municipal administration. In fact, within a few months. Pro Loco Buccino Volcei, which for 13 years, as a result of the agreement, managed MANV, allowing it to open to the public, reported serious problems verbally and through various documents sent to the municipal administration and to Sabap Sa-Av. to the security systems of the museum structure and the need for maintenance, all appeals went unheeded by the municipality, despite various requests sent by President Gaimari, one of many sent on July 4 last year. In response, the municipality, in the same period that Pro Loco reported serious malfunctions, was preparing, despite being aware of the problems, to declare an interest in being able to entrust it to third parties, which happened despite the severity on August 23 , and then, less than 48 hours later, cancel the job. But, unfortunately, the structure is in need of repair, in particular, due to significant water infiltration from the eastern wall of the monastery complex, urgent repairs were required for several months, which Pro Loco repeatedly requested. In fact, non-intervention immediately led to the formation of moss and mold that spread throughout the Roman hall of the Museum with subsequent deterioration of the plaster, the situation worsened when the water reached one of the electrical panels, which could certainly have been seriously damaged given the problems encountered. A lack of maintenance which, at least for the time being, led to the closure of the museum structure that is still Buccino’s flagship to this day.

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