The National Day of Healthy Distance will be extended to may 30; municipalities of low transmission lifted the quarantine before


The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reports on the projections and when it would be possible to lift the quarantine declared a health emergency due to the coronavirus Covid-19.

“Today is a very special day because we are going to inform about the diagnosis and the projections that have been made to specialists about the pandemic of coronavirus, and we’re going to be able to know all that has been achieved until now and that comes, that is what is expected, all of this with projections of scientific, with the contribution of a group of specialists from various disciplines, universities, academics, and also since then, physicians and scientists in the health sector, is going to give you this information”, said the mexican head of state.

The deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell said that the diagnosis of the Scientific Team before the COVID-19 points out that Mexico requires measures that are more determinants for the phase 3.

According to what was expressed in the projections, Lopez-Gatell said that the recommendations are: that the National Day of Healthy Distance is maintained until the 30 of may, with the purpose of preserving the mitigation measures; to regionalize the measures, segment mobility in the national territory and maintain the protection of healthy distance with older adults with chronic diseases and pregnant women.

Lopez – Gatell said that in little more than 900 municipalities in the country may lift the quarantine on the 17th of may, since its level of transmission is very low, as the phase 1.

“As long as we continue to comply with the measures”, in the rest of the country the restart of classes and productive activities will be from June 1, said president López Obrador.

The federal government implemented interventions that correspond to the Phase 2 to take advantage of the opportunity that I had to attack a series of measures. This led, from the 23rd of march, to suspend public activities and to recommend the “stay at home”, to suspend academic activities at all levels of education, work, non-essential social and public spaces, recreation, and tourism.

Lopez-Gatell said that there are three, the goals they hope to reach with the interventions: the maximum peak is lower and the number of sick people per day is less, time shift the maximum of the epidemic and the reduction of the total number of cases.

“We are having success in the measures that Mexico is anticipated to flatten the curve epidemic, few countries have had success,” said Lopez-Gatell.

The end of the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19 in the country, is expected for June 25. However, he stressed that this will occur only if it follows with the enforcement of the measures of the Day of Healthy Distance.

The assistant secretary also stated that Mexico is moving forward to implement measures from Phase 3 , although it still has not arrived. But he clarified that there is a heterogeneity of cases in the country, which highlights that the higher the population, there will be a greater number of cases, and increased transmission.

“We are anticipating, again, to the Phase 3… At this time we have said that it is inevitable to get to Phase 3, but we’ve said that given the speed of transmission, there are areas that need to be treated as Phase 3,” said the health official.

The number of infections by COVID-19 in the world came on Wednesday to two million 50 thousand 811, while the deaths add up to 133 thousand 694, according to the report of the National Commission of Health of China (NHC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also, during the last day to be confirmed 71-thousand-334 new cases in all over the world and seven thousand of the 155 deaths, while the total number of individuals recovered in the world is of 501 thousand 260.

According to data from the WHO and the NHC, up to the moment, the rate of persons recovered in the world is 24.4 percent, higher than the rate of lethality that is located at 6.5 percent.

He stressed that today there was a low number of deaths (523), which confirms that the rate of deaths continues to decline, reaching today an average of 2.8 percent.

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