The natural makeup of the Ana Weapons, so it makes the selfie face washed


It has become quite an expert to get flashes and little by little it has been percolating in film classics such as ‘Blade Runner’ or the latest installment of James Bondbut in each of their appearances, Ana de Armas also measures your steps beauty defending the make-up very natural and without any kind of excess.

His signature look is very simple and is based on something basic: skin hydrated, coverage, frame and mask tabs. While on the red carpet bet superlooks, in his account of Instagram, the selfies effect cleansed face, almost no makeup but perfectly illuminated. But in both cases, the natural makeup is the key.

With such a complicated selfie for the common mortals, so chopped the angle, Ana de Armas we showed a few days ago with good hydration and proper skin carea photo first thing in the morning can be the most flattering and convincing.

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The skin of Ana always seems to full of volume, smooth, and without any kind of pigmentation. His face is always lit, but without glare or texture juicy, what makes us think that the skin of Ana is perfectly hydrated. Not visible folds or lack of hydration, and, although they used to carry some foundation, this is so light that lets you see their freckles.

The tonic repulpante, serum and a moisturizing light texture, it is likely that Ana de Armas incorporate a BB Cream or a very very light just to unify the tone. At least, that’s his everyday look, the one that shows in your photos of Instagram. To top it off, the cuban actress do not neglect your eyelashesalways covered with a mask layer to achieve a contrast very nice with the greenish color of their eyes. The eyebrows well worked with a free gel color, and a lip moisturizer or a lip balm nude tune with your skin is usually the finishing move of the selfies face washed, which the actress shared on Instagram.

The plan B of the natural look

But at the end of the night, or rather when we unfold the red carpet, the makeup of the Ana Weapons is modified to include vibrant colors. Keeping the same base makeup light and matte but radiant, the actress always choose between eyes or lips. At the Golden Globes appeared with a red lipstick, vibrant and matte with the that was stunning, but the rest of the makeup was extremely natural.

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Ana De Armas, in the Golden Globes. (Getty)
Ana De Armas, in the Golden Globes. (Getty)

However, when the cuban put the focus of attention in their eyes, your ally is infallible are the shadows very clear and bright and with a certain tone cold. The make-up of eyes in champagne and silver are responsible for brighten up your look and open up even more of their huge eyes. The outlined very fine and ‘cat eye’ is never missing, along with a lashes beautifully worked, curved, thick and long.

Ana de Armas, with their natural makeup and their eyes are marked in 2016. (Getty)
Ana de Armas, with their natural makeup and their eyes are marked in 2016. (Getty)

The face ultrailuminado is the preferred choice of Ana de Armas on the red carpet. While other celebs looking to stand out with the makeup more eye-catching, the cuban prefers to be what he favors and the point of light in the tear never the leaves. On occasion we have seen it with a lip more daring, such as roses, fuchsias or purples are very dark, but always balancing the rest of the makeup do not turn off the light skin.

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Can the hair become makeup?

“There has been a few mechas balayage to degrade the hair naturally to the tips but that there is a clarification as sharp as that achieved with a few strands normal. The hair stylist performs freehand and colouring creates the points of light that really needs the face the person. In the case of Anne, and, taking advantage of its natural tone, it has given more brightness and light to the front of the face,” says the artistic team of Llongueras when analyzing the last selfie at the natural of Ana de Armas.

Ana de Armas, with the blond hair in 2017. (Getty)
Ana de Armas, with the blond hair in 2017. (Getty)

But the strategic use of the coloration doesn’t stop there: “It has been sought to give it a look more elongated your face, so that has left the first inch of the outline, without light. That is to say, visually we leave more volume in the upper zone and give light on the tips to achieve elongation, and brightness”, they say. This would explain that the traits rounded to the actress look more balanced since the last change of look.