The Neighbourhood, what to listen to while waiting for the return

Two years after the release of the last single Fallen Star (2021), tours canceled for pause for thought and the recent departure of drummer Brandon Fried, who has been part of the band since 2015, over sexual assault allegations, it’s a bad time for fans of the band. The Neighbourhood and alternative rock.
Waiting for their return, here are the albums and songs that have made history, often with a little delay.

Who are The Neighborhood?

The Neighbourhood (sometimes abbreviated to THE NBHD) are an American musical group originally from California and active since 2011. Composed of the lead singer Jesse Rutherfordlately in the headlines for his new relationship with the American star Billie Eilishthe guitarist Zachary Abelsthe bassist Michael “Mikey” Margott and the chorister Jeremy Freedman.

The albums to listen to absolutely and their strong points.

“I Love You”

In April 2013 they released the album I Love You, which debuted at position 39 on the Billboard 200 chart. Various songs stand out on the album such as “Afraid”, “Flawless” And “Alleyways” but one track in particular overshadows them and is their biggest hit “Sweater Weather” peaking at number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100. The song’s success paved the way for the band’s initial success as well as a future resurgence; in fact, in 2020 it achieved further popularity by going viral on TikTok and Spotify, reaching the global top 50 of the most listened to tracks after 8 years of its release.
In short, with 2 billion streams on Spotify it is a timeless success that even Rutherford called “the best song I’ve ever written”. What are you waiting for? Headphones up and get carried away by this indie rock masterpiece.

“Wiped out”

The band announces in August 2015 the release of the new album on October 30, 2015, titled Wiped Out!received mixed reviews. To the critics it seemed like an experimental album that moved away from indie rock and was closer to the ralternative ock or of R&B (Rhythm and blues) but many critics instead praised the ability to make an album with such different sounds cohesive and coherent. Songs like “Cry Baby” And “Prey” from the coherent sound to the first album that coexist with “Single” with its decidedly lower tempo and melancholy lyric transitioning to “Daddy Issues” denote the band’s desire to experiment with different sounds by approaching catchy melodies.
The latter is the protagonist of the album and had the same future fame as “Sweater Weather” going viral on Tiktok and amassing 1 billion streams on Spotify.
Recommended for lovers of a softer and more melancholy sound but also for incurable romantics who are a little tormented.

“Hard To Imagine The Neighborhood Ever Changing”

Child album of the fusion of multiple EPs Hard To Imagine The Neighborhood Ever Changing of 2018 is perhaps the band’s best album. Unlike the band’s previous works, where one track took precedence over the others, here all the songs find their own space and identity and this underlines the exponential improvement of the band and their continuous evolution.
Approaching electropop but maintaining a tinge of rock each song offers a different and unique aural experience.
From the aggressive rhythm and high tempo of “Dust” And “noise” to the catchiest melodies of “Compass” And “Scary Love” coming to a slow and melancholy sound of “reflections” And “You Get Me So High” there is something for every taste. An album like candies all tastes plus one and the most of the collection is in “Softcore” which combines the sensations given by all the others in the track that best represents the album.

“Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones” and the latest tunes.

Chrome Chips & The Mono-Tones of 2019 brings the band to a return to sound experimentation, completely moving away from rock and entering an indie pop tending towards the alternative.
Not taken too well by the critics because accused of sin of incisiveness and for the sounds, as suggested by the title, a bit monotonous, leaving a rather bland taste in the mouth.
Citing the flavor,”Cherry Flavoured” is among the few exceptions along with “Devil’s Advocate” and “Pretty Boy”. In fact, these are the only three songs that i The Neighbourhood have released equally distinctive music videos.
Later the album will be re-released in Deluxe version with 4 new songs in December of the same year, the single stargazing will receive an official video in which singer Lana Del Rey will participate as a short cameo.
The latest works in chronological order are the two singles “yellow box” And “Fallen Star”: the first is part of the game soundtrack “Death Stranding” Of Hideo Kojima the second instead released on October 1, 2021 and the discarded track of the last album is also the band’s latest work.
The fate of the band is uncertain after the expulsion of drummer Brandon Fried but one thing is certain: many look forward to their return and perhaps, after carefully reading and listening to their songs, now you do too.

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