The new AD Italia is already on newsstands. Enjoy our journey through the most exciting summer destinations | Architectural Digest of Italy

New issue of AD Italia on newsstands

It’s no longer in use and I’m sorry. We used to send holiday cardsand, even the most ugly, in jest. But there was a thought, a signature, obliquely, small, large, and then a stamp well inserted into its box or anarchic, out of line. This is a number that speaks of vacation (finally) and has the colors of holiday, sun, sea and relaxation in the shade of a wonderful room., it’s a return to that ancient pleasure. Each page is a postcard, or rather a message from our friends, big names in design and presenters who told us to “come here”.

And this is where summer itself is a destination. The first postcard is Capribecause on this island, which Alberto Savinio called “one of the magnetic points of the universe”,Hotel La Palma, born in 1822, the oldest in Capri in terms of hospitality and today rewritten in every detail by Francis Sultan. Record the address as the next issue NOMAD Where Italyas an information partnerwill include a series of events, including exhibition of the artist Michele De Lucchi This summit on sustainable development.

Another hotel? L’Hotel Regina Experimental Biarritz, a Belle Epoque masterpiece born in 1906, interpreted by Dorothea Meilichson. Another era? Roman baroque Vilon Palace, seat of the Borghese family. The night under its frescoed vaults is a journey through time. Sleeping, in fact, resting, is also summer and we dedicated our special to the most beautiful horizon, the horizontal of the bed. One bed and we are already at home, Ostuni in the home of a very refined art consultant and ceramist.

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